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  1. Environmental Protection Directories (EELink)
      Provides dozens of sources of information for involving individuals in understanding and helping to restore the environment.

  2. -Pollution Scorecard (Environmental Defense Fund) star
      Provides information about pollution in your community. Reports who is polluting, how to contact them, how bad the pollution is, how your community rates compared to others in your area, identifies the toxins involved and provides other useful information to fight pollution. 9-05

  3. Salem Witchcraft Trials (United Nations Environmental Program)
      Includes information used to try individuals as witches from the trials themselves and The Crucible. 10-09

  4. Environmental Projects and Activities for Children (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences)
      NIEH provides dozens of lessons and activities related to improving the environment.

  5. Environmental Issues (Living on Earth)
      Provides sounds messages related to environmental issues. Includes a search engine. 9-99

  6. Environmental Protection Search (EELink)
      Provides a search engine.

  7. Environmental Protection Projects and Lessons (EELink)
      Provides over a dozen sources of materials and projects.

  8. Report Card on World Environmental Conditions (World Resources Institute)
      Provides reports on the various environmental conditions.

  9. Solar Cells Improve Efficiency Through CIS (CNN - Environmental News Network)
      Provides an article about greatly improved photovoltaic cells that convert energy from the sun into electricity. The cells use CIS (copper indium diselenide) technology. 10-00

  10. Environmental Protection - Projects for Kids (Environmental Protection Agency)
      Provides basic information about air pollution, water pollution, and recycling for children. Designed to help children to understand how to help build a healthy environment. 12-00

  11. Global Warming - Explanation for Kids (Environmental Protection Agency)
      Provides information on global warming for kids. 12-00

  12. Environmental Problems and Resources (
      Provides summaries of the problems in each of the major areas, such as water pollution, air pollution, waste, biodiversity, energy, forests, and climate. Also provides resources, lists of resources, and educational materials. 1-01

  13. Environmental Advocacy (Sierra Club)
      Provides information about projects of the Sierra Club, an environmental advocacy group. 2-01

  14. Least Polluting Cars (CNN - Environmental Network News Staff)
      "According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, vehicle exhaust accounts for 70 percent of smog in the United States." The Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight are two of the least pollution cars available in the USA because they use hybrid gas and electric power. The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) option is recommended for maximum control during adverse conditions. 4-01

  15. Autos - Fuel-Cell Power (CNN - Environmental News Network Staff)
      Reports on America's first street-ready car powered by a fuel-cell. Fuel-cells generate no pollution and can be refueled in minutes. 5-01

  16. Autos - Fuel Emissions (Environmental Protection Agency)
      Provides a comparison of cars by fuel emissions. 5-01

  17. Water Conservation Games and Activities (Environmental Protection Agency)
      Provides 11 games and activities to help children better understand how water is purified and used, as well as facts about water. 1-01

  18. Air Quality Today - Where You Live (Environmental Protection Agency)
      Provides a forecast for the day on the EPA Air Quality Index for pollution levels where you live. 8-01

  19. Indoor Air Quality (Environmental Protection Agency)
      Discusses how to improve indoor air quality, especially related to second hand smoke, mold, radon, asthma, and radiation. 8-01

  20. History of Municipal Waste ( - Barbalace)
      Provides brief and limited examples of disposal of waste in the past. 9-01

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