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  1. Dumptown Game (Environmental Protection Administration)
      Provides a game that teaches the cost and benefits of some of different types of recycling programs. Requires the free Shockwave plug-in. 12-01

Lesson Plans
  1. Waste - Curriculum Guide for Management of Solid Waste (North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance)
      Provides a guide for grades K - 8, by grade. Uses PDF format. 1-02

  1. Organizations and Projects tto Support the Enviroment (
      Provides a listing of over 100 organizations involved with improving the environment. 1-01

  2. Recycler's World
      "Recycler's World was established as a world wide trading site for information related to secondary or recyclable commodities, by-products, used & surplus items or materials." 10-09

  3. Recycling (
      Provides a list of 100 carefully selected sites. 12-01

  4. Recycling - Publications List (
      "The GRN NewsStand includes over five hundred publications worldwide that deal with the recycling or environmental sectors. From magazines and newsletters to directories and special editions, these publications have the Recycling Industry covered! Search the NewsStand to build your customized list of publications." 10-09

  5. Recycling Resources (Annenberg-CPB -
      Provides a carefully selected list of resources on recycling. 12-01

  6. Recycling, Climate Change, and Pollution (Environmental Defense)
      Provides articles by topic or by search engine. 7-02

  7. Waste - Recycling Organizations and Campaigns Globally (GrassRoots Recycling Network)
      Provides resources on "zero waste" by region and country. 1-02

  8. Waste - Zero Waste Resources (GrassRoots Recycling Network)
      Provides articles on the zero waste approach to recycling. 1-02

  1. -09-06-08 Recycling Plastic Bottles (Science Daily)
      "Chemical Engineers developed a way to break down plastic bottles made from polyethylene terephthalate -- or PET, and recycle it back into high value uses like more soda bottles, water bottles, beer bottles." 09-08

  2. Recycling Solar Cells (
      "A few solar companies are already offering their own recycling schemes. First Solar, based in Tempe, Arizona, offers to take back and recycle all the cadmium telluride thin-film solar cells it produces. And the industry-backed European association PV Cycle, based in Brussels in Belgium, is implementing a voluntary take-back and recycle programme that it hopes to have running by 2015." 10-10

  1. -Biodiesel Bus Available Now (
      "Biodiesel, according to the Project BioBus Web site, 'is a safe, renewable, clean burning, domestically-produced fuel made from vegetable oils (such as soy and rapeseed) that can be used in existing diesel engines without modifications.' This eco-friendly fuel is refined from vegetable oil, including fryer oil from fast-food restaurants, by combining it with lye and methanol." 10-04

  2. Awards for Business Recycling Efforts (
      Provides the Business Recycling Awards Group. "The Business Recycling Awards Group is a program to recognize businesses in NW Oregon and SW Washington that are doing an outstanding job of reducing waste, recycling and buying recycled products."

  3. Bacteria That Eat Oil Pollution (Honolulu Star-Bulletin)
      Provides a description of bacteria that make oil spills nontoxic. 1-01

  4. Batteries - Recycling Centers for Rechargeable Batteries (Rechargeable Batteries Recycling Corporation)
      Provides locations in the USA and Canada for recycling rechargeable batteries that weigh up to two pounds. Some national companies that also recycle batteries include Sears, Radio Shack, Circuit City, Walmart, Target, and BellSouth. 7-01

  5. Benefits of Recycling (
      Provides clear examples of the benefits of various kinds of recycling, such as how many trees are saved. 3-01

  6. Biogas Chemistry (SD Dimensions)
      Provides key chemical information related to biogas. 6-01

  7. Bottle Recycling Bills (Container Recycling Institute)
      Provides information on bottle bills that have passed and includes statistics on success. Also includes a history of bottle bill legislation. 1-02

  8. Federal Laws on Waste Disposal, Conservation, and Recycling (National Council for Science and the Environment - McCarthy and Tiemann)
      Summarizes the primary federal laws relating to waste disposal, conservation, and recycling. 6-01

  9. Freegans Eat Garbage (Fox News)
      "One person's trash is literally another person's treasure, if that person happens to be a freegan (search). They’re not vegans who refuse to eat meat or animal products, these people eat out of the garbage." 10-04

  10. Garbage Disposal (Annenberg-CPB -
      Provides facts about the problems in various areas of disposal and recycling, including disposal of hazardous waste and alternative treatment of sewage. Discusses alternative solutions for each set of problems. 12-01

  11. Helping Trash Pickers Hurt Badly by the Global Recession (New York Times))
      "Informal junk shops should have to apply for licenses, and governments should create or expand doorstep waste collection programs to employ trash pickers. Instead of sorting through haphazard trash heaps and landfills, the pickers would have access to the cleaner scrap that comes straight from households and often brings a higher price. Employing the trash pickers at this step would ensure that recyclables wouldn’t have to be lugged to landfills in the first place."

      "Experienced trash pickers, once incorporated into the formal economy, would recycle as efficiently as they always have, but they’d gain access to information on global scrap prices and would be better able to bargain for fair compensation. Governments should charge households a service fee, which would also supplement the trash pickers’ income, and provide them with an extra measure of insurance against future crises." 08-09

  12. History of Municipal Waste ( - Barbalace)
      Provides brief and limited examples of disposal of waste in the past. 9-01

  13. Houshold Chemicals Disposal ( - Barbalace)
      Provides guidelines and a chart (at the bottom) for disposing of common household chemicals. 9-01

  14. Locations of Recycling Centers (
      Provides locations of recycling centers by zip code. 6-01

  15. Powder from Tires (CNN News)
      "Cialone is founder of Lehigh Technologies, a Naples, Florida, company that pulverizes rubber from used tires and factory scrap into powder as fine as talc." 02-08

  16. Recycle City (EPA)
      Provides information on recycling for kids.

  17. Recycling Activities Using Art (Imagination Factory - Brackney)
      Provides examples of activities that promote awareness of the need to recycle, as well as artistic opportunities provided by the need to recycle.

  18. Recycling Queen China's Richest Person (
      "U.S. trash has made Zhang Yin China's richest person."

      "Zhang in 1990 started collecting wastepaper in Los Angeles and shipping it to China to make the cardboard needed by growing export industries. Her company, Nine Dragons Paper Holdings Ltd., is now China's biggest packaging maker. Nine Dragon's stock has risen fourfold since its March initial public offering, pushing Zhang's fortune to $4.7 billion." 01-07

  19. Recycling...Almost Everything (CBS News)
      "Another new project is a test in Brazil, where residents can send in used diapers. Yes, used diapers."

      "Just take the poopy drawers, put them in a bag and mail them to TerraCycle, Szaky said."

      "The baby waste is composted, while the plastic is pelletized and used in other plastic products, said Albe Zakes, a TerraCycle spokesman. TerraCycle doesn't actually make new products, Szaky said. It sells the recovered waste to companies that usually would use virgin materials. One of the companies it works with is Expo pens. TerraCycle collects pens, melts the plastic, and Expo makes new pens with the material." 04-11

  1. Recycle - Card Game (Hoskowicz)
      Provides a game in which children, ages 8-12, learn which items normally in the trash can be recycled. 6-99

  2. Teens Help Soldiers Call Home (USA Today)
      "At the holidays, for a soldier at war, there's nothing like a phone call home. Brittany and Robbie Bergquist have provided more than $1.4 million worth of them — 24 million precious minutes." 11-07


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