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  1. Garden Exchanges of Information (GardenWeb)
      Provides over a dozen resources, such as a periodical, seed exchange, gardening events by state, and more.

  2. Garden Plant Resources (GardenWeb)
      Provides links to gardening resources by topic. 12-99

  3. Gardening Resources (Internet Directory for Botany)
      Provides links to hundreds of gardening resources by topic (bottom of page) or in alphabetic order, by name of site. Botanical Museum, The Finnish Museum of Natural History. 12-99

  1. DIY Projects for Home and Garden (
      Provides short instructional videos. 07-07

  1. -05-06-10 Gardens That Grow on Walls (New York Times)
      "Vertical gardens which began as an experiment in 1988 by Patrick Blanc, a French botanist intent on creating a garden without dirt are becoming increasingly popular at home. Avid and aspiring gardeners, frustrated with little outdoor space, are taking another look at their walls and noticing something new: more space. And a number of companies are selling ready-made systems and all-in-one kits for gardeners like Mr. Riley who want to do it themselves. (For those who prefer to leave it to the professionals, landscape designers can build vertical gardens for a hefty fee.)" 05-10

  1. Earth-Friendly Gardening (MSNBC News)
      "Gardeners and weekend warriors, along with the products they use can be some of the biggest offenders to perpetuating a not so eco-friendly world. But today, more and more green conscience products and tools are making their way into yards and gardens across America, leaving behind less of an environmental footprint than ever before!" 07-07

  2. Garden Guide (Carroll)
      Provides information on herbs, vegetables, flowers, composting, storing food and other topics related to gardening. Provides a guide on the use of herbs to heal.

  3. Gardening - Bulbs (Rochester Gardening)
      Provides a wide variety of sources of information on bulbs, as well as a lesson on bulbs.

  4. Gardening - Guidelines for Planting and Thinning Irises (MarilynnsMasterGardening)
      Provides directions on planting and thinning bearded irises.

  5. Gardening - Guidelines for Planting of Bulbs (
      Provides directions depth, spacing, and time for planting tulips, lilies, daffodils, irises, and other flowering bulbs.

  6. Gardening - Information on Irises (American Iris Society)
      Provides pictures and news about irises. 11-02

  7. Gardening - Spring Planting of Bulbs (Rochester Gardening)
      Provides directions on planting tulips, lilies, daffodils, and other flowering bulbs.

  1. Gardening Tips and Weather Tips (Old Farmer's Almanac)
      Provides information on gardening, the home, and extreme weather. Oldest continuously published periodical in North America. 9-99

  1. Gardening at School (Journey to Forever)
      Provides resources for creating gardens at school. 1-05

Purchase Resources
  1. Tools and Supplies for Gardening (
      Provides a wide assortment of tools and supplies for the home gardener. 3-01


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