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  1. Cancer Research News (Nature)
      Provides results from the latest research on cancer.

  2. Cancer Resources (Net Ventures - Brown)
      Cancer News on the Net provides sources of information, mostly by type of cancer.

  1. -A Short History of Cancer (CNN News)
      "Cancer is widespread today, but it doesn't appear to have been in the ancient world."

      "Why not?" 10-10

  2. AIDS Mystery Solved (CBS News)
      "The cells are turned off by HIV, which disarms them by flicking off a molecular switch in the cells. But in the laboratory, researchers were able to block that switch and restore T-cell function."

      "The findings raise the possibility that one day, doctors could switch a chronically ill patient's immune system back 'on' so that it could resume its fight against HIV, cancer or even Hepatitis C." 08-06

  3. Basic Facts About Cancer
  4. Cancer Defined (
      "Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by uncontrolled cell division leading to growth of abnormal tissue. It is believed that cancers arise from both genetic and environmental factors that lead to aberrant growth regulation of a stem cell population, or by the dedifferentiation of more mature cell types." 2-05

  5. Helping Children With Dying: Floating Away (New York Times)
      A review of the children's book, Floating Away, by Chris Raschka. "[Michael] Rosen turns his grief into a two-way window. Children see his sadness and somehow, miraculously, it feels as if Rosen also sees theirs."

      "If [Chris] Raschka’s writing doesn’t have this kind of transformative power, his illustrations often do. They tell the story of a balloon whose strings are intertwined with many others, and who then finds his string tragically, inexorably disentangling. The text does not tell this true, hard story — but the pictures, fortunately, do." 05-07


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