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Lung Cancer

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  1. -04-03-08 Lung Cancer Genes Identified (
      "Smokers are much more likely to develop lung cancer than nonsmokers that has been a scientific truism for decades. But what about the 80% of smokers who don't develop lung cancer? Are they just the lucky ones? A trio of new studies suggests that the explanation for why they escape the disease may lie partly in their genes." 03-08

  2. -06-09-08 Cuban Researchers Claim Cancer Breakthrough (MSNBC News)
      "A Cuban Scientific Research Institute just patented a promising new drug that it says helps terminal lung cancer patients live longer." 03-08

  1. Air Pollution in Cities Dangerous (CBS News)
      "A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says long-term exposure to the air pollution in some of America's biggest metropolitan areas significantly raises the risk of dying from lung cancer and is about as dangerous as living with a smoker."

  2. CT Scans May Provide Early Detection of Lung Cancer (ABC News)
      "By the time symptoms appear, lung cancer has usually spread beyond the lungs and the five-year survival rate is only 15 percent. Studies have shown traditional chest X-rays do not catch lung cancer early enough to reduce the death rate. That's why some researchers are so enthusiastic about the new, more sensitive CT scans." 11-05.

  3. Chromium Risks May Have Been Withheld (MSNBC News)
      "Worried about stricter regulations, the chromium industry withheld key data from the government involving the health risks of workers exposed to the carcinogenic metal, according to a study released Thursday."

      "Currently, OSHA regulations cap chromium levels at work to 52 micrograms per cubic meter. It supports restricting levels to 1 microgram per cubic meter, which is slightly lower than 'intermediate' exposure levels of 1.5 to 16.0, according to the paper." 02-06

  4. Lung Cancer - Iressa Effective for Some (
      "The lung cancer drug Iressa has had strikingly positive effects for some of the people who take it. Their tumors shrink by more than 50 percent, and they live months and sometimes years longer than expected."

      "But only ten percent of the people who take the drug improve, and doctors and researchers have been asking the same question: Why does Iressa work so well for some people and not for others? As two new studies report today, the answer lies with genes." "Iressa and drugs such as Gleevac and Tarceva are part of a relatively new class of drugs. Unlike standard chemotherapy drugs, the new class specifically targets a gene in tumors called the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR). This receptor helps tumors grow and spread, and these drugs block this receptor." 2-05

  5. Lung Cancer Facts (ABC News)
      Provides facts about lung cancer and its treatment. 08-05

  6. Lung Cancer Most Deadly Type of Cancer (ABC News)
      "As the number of men with lung cancer declines, the American Cancer Society estimates that 73,020 women will die in the U.S. of lung cancer this year, more than those who will die from breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers combined." 08-05

  7. Possible Lung Cancer Breakthrough (Washington Times)
      "A key reason lung cancer is the deadliest cancer in America is that it is rarely detected early and usually has spread beyond the lungs when diagnosed."

      "But that could change as a result of clinical studies that are trying to determine whether a new X-ray technique known as low-dose spiral CT scanning can detect lung cancer early enough to save lives in those most at risk." 8-05

  8. Prevention - Quitting Tobacco Use Lowers Lung Cancer Risk (CNN - Baum)
      Provides the results of a 10-year study in California showing a correlation between the reduction of tobacco use and the incidence of lung cancer. 9-00

  9. Quitting Tobacco Use Lowers Lung Cancer Risk (CNN - Baum)
      Provides the results of a 10-year study in California showing a correlation between the reduction of tobacco use and the incidence of lung cancer. 9-00

  10. Smoking and Cancer of the Lungs (
      Provides detailed information, listed by condition. 8-04


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