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Lesson Plans
  1. Ecology - Contaminants: How They Move and Change (MicroWorlds)
      Describes how contaminants move and change in an ecosystem.

  2. Ecology - Environmental Quality in the 21st Century (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)
      Eleven lessons show how children can become involved to improve the environment.

  3. Ecology - Grade 9 - 12 Student Activities (Bagheera)
      Provides activities to solve problems, take action, and use artistic imagination.

  4. Ecology - Grade K - 8 - Solid Waste Management (North Carolina Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance)
      Provides a curriculum guide for grades K - 8, by grade. Uses PDF format. 1-02

  5. Ecology - The Gaia Hypothesis (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute - Beasley-Murray)
      Uses the Gaia Hypothesis as a means to solving problems in the environment. Includes scoring rubric and other supportive materials.


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