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Earth Sciences

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Lesson Plans
  1. Astronomy Lessons (Awesome Library)
  2. By Grade Level (Smithsonian)
      Provides lesson plans by grade level and topic. 1-01

  3. By Grade Level and Subject - California Science for K-12 (California SCORE)
      Provides a directory of lessons organized by the California Science Framework for K-12. California's framework for curriculum standards is similar to the national standards for science, as well as standards in many states.

  4. By Topic and Grade Level - Science (British Columbia Ministry of Education)
      Provides an extensive curriculum organized by topic and grade level.

  5. Critical Thinking Lessons and Activities (Foundation for Critical Thinking)
      Provides lessons by grade level that strengthen critical thinking. Provides an original lesson and then a lesson remodelled using a critical thinking focus.

  6. Ecosystems and Sustainable Development (PBS - Bill Moyers Reports Earth on Edge)
      Argues for sustainable development that makes sense economically. Explains why it is essential to do so. Includes discussion guides for teachers. 11-01

  7. Magnet Projects (
      Provides lessons and projects involving magnets. 8-04

  8. Problem Solving (Awesome Library)
      Problem Solving lessons are in "Multidisciplinary."

  9. Science (Michigan State University and Ameritech)
      Provides dozens of lessons in science.

  10. Science - Various Subjects
      Provides additional lessons plans available in the General Science section of the Awesome Library.

  11. Science Lesson Plans (Teachers.Net)
      Provides almost 300 individual lessons. Specifies a general grade level for each, such as elementary. The quality of lessons varies widely and some only announce the availability of lessons on a topic. 5-00

  12. Science Lessons 1994-95-96 Collection (Access Excellence)
      Provides over 150 lessons, simulations, and activities.

  13. Science Lessons 1996 Collection (Access Excellence)
      Provides over 100 lessons, simulations, and activities.

  14. Science Lessons Share-A-Thon (Access Excellence)
      Provides over two dozen lessons plans, classroom tested.

  15. Science Lessons and Activities (Access Excellence)
      Provides activities by grade level and subject. 10-09

  16. Science Mysteries (Access Excellence)
      Provides classroom tested mysteries in Science for students to solve.

  17. Science Projects ( - Dirtmeister)
      "Get your hands on science with a fun experiment from the Dirtmeister and make science come alive in your classroom!" 07-06

  1. Biology - Genetics Projects to Promote Scientific Inquiry Skills (Genetic Science Learning Center)
      Provides a variety of resource materials to teach about genetics.


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