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Lesson Plans
  1. Physics Lessons (TeachNet)
      Includes projects on Magneto-hydrodynamic Drives, Cause and Effect, Field Trips and Simple Physics, Water Displacement, Speed of Sound, Physics 12, and Altering Climate in the Classroom.

      For example, "Everyone knows that a weight suspended by a string and taped to the ceiling of the bus will appear to swing backward as the bus speeds up, and forward as it decelerates, due to inertia. Also take along a helium-filled balloon on a string to tie to a seat or fasten to the floor." The balloon will do the opposite. Explain. 10-09

  2. Science Projects ( - Dirtmeister)
      "Get your hands on science with a fun experiment from the Dirtmeister and make science come alive in your classroom!" 07-06


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