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  1. -07-15-05 Judges: EPA Can Decline to Enforce Air Quality (CBS News)
      "An effort by a dozen states and several cities to make the Environmental Protection Agency regulate heat-trapping greenhouse gases as air pollutants was rejected Friday by a federal appeals court." 7-05

  2. -08-22-05 West Coast Unites for Cleaner Air (CBS News)
      "Despite an effort by auto industry lobbyists to kill the move, two Pacific Northwest States Oregon and Washington are getting ready to adopt California's new vehicle emission standards to reduce greenhouse gases."

      "When that happens, California's newly implemented emissions standards the toughest in the United States will be in effect along the entire West Coast from Canada to Mexico." 8-05

  3. -08-24-05 Eastern States to Cut Emissions (CBS News)
      "Nine U.S. states have reached a preliminary agreement on an initiative led by New York Governor George Pataki to freeze power plant emissions at current levels and reduce them by 10 percent by 2020." 8-05

  4. -12-03-05 Congressional Research Service: EPA Slants Findings (
      "A Bush administration analysis of air pollution legislation uses assumptions that boost the benefits of its own proposal while overstating the costs of alternatives, according to a report by the Congressional Research Service."

      "For example, the EPA assumes the availability of boilermaker labor for installing pollution-control equipment will be limited until 2010. Such a labor shortage would affect only the Carper and Jeffords proposals, which seek steeper emissions cuts sooner."

      "Lacking the ability to install pollution controls, coal- fired generators would be forced to shut down in the EPA analysis of Jeffords's proposal. In addition, natural gas-fired and renewable fuel generators would be required at a high cost, the report found."

      "Such a labor shortage has been questioned by some, including the Institute of Clean Air Companies, the trade association that represents the air pollution-control industry, the report said." 12-05


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