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Biomass Advocates

  1. -International Biochar Initiative (IBI)
      The mission of the IBI is to promote the development of biochar systems that follow Cradle to Cradle sustainability guidelines. 12-12

  2. -Wood Biomass Advocates (
      "Forests must be properly managed in order to continue to realize their greenhouse gas, economic, and energy benefits. New markets for forest biomass, such as renewable energy, help improve forest health and conserve America’s forests." 12-12

  3. Biomass Advocacy (Ag Biomass Foundation)
      "The Ag Biomass Foundation is actively assembling the Regulatory and Utility Processing Service (RUPS) [for California] designed to streamline project permitting and systematize inter-agency relations to advance biomass projects throughout California." 12-12

  4. Biomass Advocacy (Biomass Power Association)
      "The Biomass Power Association is the nation's leading organization working to expand and advance the use of clean, renewable biomass power. Led by President and CEO Bob Cleaves, the Association represents 80 biomass power plants in 20 states across the U.S. Currently, the biomass power industry reduces carbon emissions by more than 30 million tons each year and provides 14,000 jobs nationwide, many of which are in rural areas."

      "BPA is a member-driven organization with the goal of increasing the use of biomass power and creating new jobs and opportunities in the biomass industry. BPA educates policymakers at the state and federal level about the benefits of biomass and provides regular briefings and research to keep members fully informed about public policy impacting the biomass industry. Members include local owners and operators of existing biomass facilities, suppliers, plant developers and others."

      "BPA is actively involved in the legislative process and supports policies that increase the use of biomass power and other renewable energy sources in America's energy portfolio. As policymakers at every level explore ways to lower greenhouse gases and reduce America's dependence on foreign oil, BPA is the leading advocate for a strong commitment to clean, renewable biomass energy." 12-12

  5. Biomass Advocacy by the Biomass Power Association (
      "The Biomass Power Association (BPA) (, the nation's leading association of biomass power companies, today announced the launch of a $250,000 public relations, advocacy, and advertising campaign to demonstrate the vital role that biomass power can play in reducing greenhouse gases and creating new jobs across America, especially in rural communities. The campaign, which will focus on Washington, DC, will highlight the economic and environmental benefits of biomass power, as well as the importance of extending tax incentives essential to maintaining existing biomass power facilities and creating jobs." 12-12

  6. Biomass Energy Resource Center (
      "The Biomass Energy Resource Center (BERC) is an independent, national nonprofit organization located in Montpelier, Vermont with a Midwest office in Madison, Wisconsin. BERC assists communities, colleges and universities, state and local governments, businesses, utilities, schools, and others in making the most of their local biomass energy resources."

      "Serving a national client base, BERC works with colleges and universities, community housing projects, hospitals, businesses, utilities, government agencies, and schools. Offering a full spectrum of technical services, we assist clients considering biomass systems in determining economic and site feasibility, design, vendors, funding sources, and project implementation and management. BERC also conducts regional biomass supply assessments and demonstration testing of emerging technologies such as gasification." 12-12

  7. Clean Cookstoves (
      "The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves is a public-private initiative to save lives, improve livelihoods, empower women, and protect the environment by creating a thriving global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions."


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