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Climate Change Solutions

  • -01 Climate Change: The Delicate Balance (Awesome Library) star
  • -Biochar Is Needed to Slow Climate Change (Alliance for Democracy and EDI) star
  • -Carbon-Negative Biochar and the Tipping Point ( star
  • -Human-Caused Climate Change: What We Must Do Now (Awesome Library)
  • Arctic Geoengineering (Arctic News)
  • Biomass Pyrolysis (Alternative Energy eMagazine)
  • Plan for Reducing Carbon Dioxide in the Air (ArcticNews)
  • Sustainable Planet Development (
  • The Future of Sustainable Planet Development: Five Views (BBC News)
    1. Petition the President and Congress to Support Conversion of Power Stations (
        This petition is for the President and Congress to support the conversion of coal-fired power stations to "biomass pyrolysis" power stations to REVERSE excessive carbon dioxide in the air. Decaying vegetation (biomass) puts many times more carbon dioxide into the air than all of human activity. If we adapt coal-fired power stations to pyrolyze (heat without oxygen) biomass, we can economically reduce the amount or carbon dioxide in the air (rather than merely slow down the increase).

        Also see: Climate Change: The Delicate Balance 02-14

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