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Global Warming 2002-4

  1. 09-01-02 British Prime Minister Criticizes USA on Global Warming (Independent - Woolf)
      'On climate change, we need to build on Kyoto but we should recognise one stark fact: even if we could deliver on Kyoto, it will at best mean a reduction of 1 per cent of global warming. But we know ... we need a 60 per cent reduction worldwide. In truth, Kyoto is not radical enough. Yet it is, at present, the most that is politically do-able and even then the largest nation, the United States, stands outside it.'

  2. 09-03-02 Johannesburg - Russia Signs Kyoto Agreement (CBS News)
      "Russia announced Tuesday it will ratify an accord on reducing smokestack emissions and other causes of global warming."

      "Russia's ratification of Kyoto would meet the last requirement for the accord to come into effect: that the countries on board account for at least 55 percent of carbon dioxide emissions based on 1990 output."

      "The United States continued to be criticized for its rejection of the Kyoto Protocol, which requires developed nations to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases to 1990 levels by 2012. Many countries view the accord as crucial to reversing a global warming trend blamed for cataclysmic storms, floods and droughts worldwide."

  3. 10-01-03 Bush Administration Appeals to Top Court to Prevent Disclosure (Bloomberg News)
      "The Bush administration asked the U.S. Supreme Court to shield the government from giving advocacy groups documents they seek in a suit claiming Vice President Dick Cheney's energy task force was influenced by corporations." 9-03

  4. 11-27-02 Bush Proposes Less Protection for Forests and Wildlife (CBS News)
      "The Bush administration is proposing giving managers of the nation's 155 national forests greater leeway to approve logging and commercial activities with less examination of potential environmental damages."

      "The Bush administration proposal also would eliminate specific standards and procedures for maintaining and monitoring wildlife populations that foresters had to comply with, substituting broad goals in their place."

      "Democrats accused the administration of attempting to 'undo most of the environmental safeguards that protect our nation's forests.' "

  5. Environmental Protection Positions of Candidates (CNN News - Collins)
      Collins notes that "little has been said about which Democrat has the best chance of appealing to environmentalists. Green groups like the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council and Greenpeace have voiced strong opposition to White House policies on the environment. And the League of Conservation Voters (LCV), Washington's green political machine, says eco-issues may not always be the most important subjects to voters, but they're still influential in crucial swing states." She gives a summary of the views (available on Web sites) of presidential candidates, including George W. Bush. 12-03


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