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Fuel Cell Power


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  1. Fuel Cells - Resources (
      Provides sources of information by category. 1-05

  2. Golf Carts (Awesome Library)
      Describes golf carts that may be usable as neighborhood electric vehicles on streets under federal standards. Local laws will need to be checked. 6-01

  3. Tricycling (Awesome Library)
      Provides information on tricycles and quadcycles that could possibly be adapted to fuel cell power and covered with aerodynamic fairings.

  1. Animation Showing How a Fuel Cell Works (MSNBC News)
      Provides an animation. 02-06

  1. -04-23-09 Microbe-Powered Electricity Storage (MSNBC News)
      "The technique won't combat global warming directly, since both CO2 and methane are potent greenhouse gases, but it could help store alternative energies such as wind and solar more efficiently."

      "It works like this: giving small jolts of electricity to single-celled microorganisms known as archea prompts them to remove C02 from the air and turn it into methane, released as tiny 'farts.' The methane, in turn, can be used to power fuel cells or to store the electrical energy chemically until its needed." 12-2022

  1. -Autos - Fuel Cell Cars (Awesome Library) star
      Provides a summary of options for current and near future transportation that avoids pollution, yet is convenient, uses inexpensive fuel, and is safe. 6-01

  2. -Leaf-Sized Power Plant (
      "Scientists at MIT have created what may be the first practical artificial leaf -- a device about the size of a playing card capable of splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen and storing the energy in a fuel cell. Placing the leaf it in a single gallon of water in sunlight could produce enough electricity to supply a house in developing countries with its daily electricity requirement, according to researchers." 03-11

  3. Auto - Fuel Cell Car Travels Across U.S. (
      "DaimlerChrysler's Necar 5 completed the first transcontinental journey of a fuel cell powered vehicle on Tuesday [2002]. Even its owners weren't sure the feat was possible, considering the technology's nascent state of development." 6-04

  4. Autos - A History of Electric Autos (
      Provides a history of attempts to make electric vehicles in the USA. Listed alphabetically by company name. 5-01

  5. Autos - Electric General Motors EV1 (General Motors Electric Vehicle)
      Provides the specifications for the electric car that uses lead-acid or nickle-metal hydride batteries, goes up to 80 mph, and can go up to 130 miles on a charge. The price was listed as starting around 34,000. 6-01

  6. Autos - The Least Polluting Cars (CNN - Environmental Network News Staff)
      "According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, vehicle exhaust accounts for 70 percent of smog in the United States." The Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight are two of the least pollution cars available in the USA because they use hybrid gas and electric power. The Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) option in the Prius is recommended for maximum control during adverse conditions. 4-01

  7. Bicycles (Awesome Library)
      Summarizes strengths and weaknesses of bicycles and makes some recommendations. 6-01

  8. Bloom Box (CBS News)
      "When NASA scrapped that Mars mission, Sridhar had an idea: he reversed his Mars machine. Instead of it making oxygen, he pumped oxygen in."

      "He invented a new kind of fuel cell, which is like a very skinny battery that always runs. Sridhar feeds oxygen to it on one side, and fuel on the other. The two combine within the cell to create a chemical reaction that produces electricity. There's no need for burning or combustion, and no need for power lines from an outside source."

      "In October 2001 he managed to get a meeting with John Doerr from the big Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins." 02-10

  9. Bloom Box Inventor (
      "Bloom's technology is known as solid oxide regenerative fuel cells, which can run on almost any hydrocarbon fuel, like ethanol, biodiesel, methane or natural gas. Bloom's fuel cell consumes hydrocarbons but doesn't burn them. It generates electricity through an electrochemical reaction rather than by combustion and produces half the greenhouse-gas emissions of a conventional generator."

      "An efficient, affordable fuel cell could be just the thing to kick-start the distributed-energy industry, letting businesses, residents and even Third World villages produce their own power on site instead of relying on relatively inefficient centralized power." 02-10

  10. Fuel Cell Cars Available This Year (
      "Hydrogen-powered vehicles, and the fuelling stations to support them will be operated in the Detroit area in Michigan, in Central Florida and in California. The automotive company and the energy provider will provide details of the plan, and show the prototype vehicle and fuelling station."

      "Available for a test drive will be the latest hybrid electric vehicle technology with an advanced fuel cell to create an all-new, highly efficient, zero-emissions Ford Focus sedan." 2-04

  11. Fuel Cell Hybrid Honda Accord (
      Describes new hybrid gas-electric Honda Accord for 2005 that will be the first mass produced car to use fuel cell technology. 6-04

  12. Fuel Cells - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Manufacturer (
      Describes the hydrogen fuel cell, its benefits, and more. Also provides an animation. Hydrogen fuel cells are designed to leave no pollution when used to power alternative fuel cars or homes. Ballard is one of the world's first major manufacturers of hydrogen fuel cells for motor vehicles and other applications. 1-01

  13. Fuel Cells - Hydrogen Storage for Fuel Cells ( - Spice)
      Describes a new storage method for hydrogen that uses carbon nanotubes, allowing travel by automobile for thousands of miles on a single tank of hydrogen. 1-01

  14. Fuel Cells - Hydrogen Storage for Fuel Cells (
      Describes a breakthrough in hydrogen storage, the MAIN barrier to the use of renewable, nonpolluting hydrogen as a fuel source in automobiles. Hydrogen fuel cells can provide up to 2.5 more energy efficiency than fossil fuel power, such as gasoline or diesel. The new storage tank was developed by a team from IMPCO, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, Alcoa, and Thiokol Propulsion. 1-01

  15. Fuel Cells Based on Borate (Chrisian Science Monitor)
      "It involves simple borate - a chemical mined from the ground and used as laundry detergent."

      "The company showed a running prototype minivan at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit earlier this month that demonstrates the viability of the 'borax fuel cell.' "

      "The fuel cell runs on hydrogen taken from sodium borohydride - a man-made chemical - in its 'gas' tank. What's left is borax soap in the tank. The only emission from the tailpipe is steam." 1-04

  16. Fuel Cells for Iceland (World Press Review - Asmundsson)
      Reports that Iceland plans to become the first nation use fuel cells, hydroenergy, and geothermal energy instead of fossil fuels. 2-02

  17. Honda to Offer Fuel Cell Car in 2008 (
      "Honda Debuts All-New FCX Clarity Advanced Fuel Cell Vehicle. Dynamic styling and performance herald major advances for fuel cell vehicles; limited marketing to begin next summer." 11-07

  18. Honda to Offer Fuel Cell Car in 2008 (USA Today)
      "Only the notable whine from an air compressor disturbs the picture, changing pitch intrusively as the motor changes speed. Honda pledges to reduce that before putting Clarity sedans into users' hands in the Los Angeles area next summer. General Motors (GM) has done a better job quieting the compressor on its Chevrolet Equinox SUVs modified to run on fuel cells (Test Drive, Nov. 9)."

      "That compressor whine and slightly skittish steering are the only things worth a general gripe about Clarity, the first regular-production fuel-cell car aimed at individuals. Previous FCX cars have been intended for fleet users. Only two are driven by individuals." 11-07

  19. New Catalyst Found for Hydrogen (Scientific American)
      "We have discovered a catalyst that can produce ready quantities of hydrogen without the need for extreme cold temperatures or high pressures, which are often required in other production and storage methods," remarks Mahdi Abu-Omar of Purdue University. The compound he and his colleagues used is a so-called coordination complex based on the metal rhenium." 9-05

  20. New Source for Hydrogen for Fuel Cells (Wired)
      "A microscopic green algae -- known to scientists as Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, and to regular folk as pond scum -- was discovered more than 60 years ago to split water into hydrogen and oxygen under controlled conditions. A recent breakthrough in controlling the algae's hydrogen yield has prompted a Berkeley, California, company to try to be first to commercialize production." 9-02

  21. Regeneration of Fuel Cells (ZMitlitsky)
      Describes the Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cell (URFC). Regenerating or "recharging" hydrogen fuel in a fuel cell is a key for practical use of fuel cells in autos. 5-01

  22. Why Hydrogen-Based Fuel Cells Are Not Plausible for Near Future (
      "As anyone may discern from the briefest perusal of this Website, we believe that the peak of conventional oil production is likely within a few years, and that production from conventional natural gas resources may peak soon after. In as much as most hydrogen is produced from natural gas, and because production from renewables is very costly, fossil fuel scarcities will not prompt a widespread switch to hydrogen fuel in the near or mid term." 02-08

  23. Zinc-Air Fuel Cells in Buses (
      Describes a study to determine if zinc-air fuel cells could be used to power buses in a typical city. The study determined that the buses were cost-competitive with diesel-electric buses but that the method for exchanging depleted fuel cells needed to be more practical. 6-05

Purchase Resources
  1. Fuel Cells Explained (
      Describes how different types of hydrogen fuel cells work. 2-04

  2. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kit for School (
      Provides a fuel cell kit that powers a model car. 5-04


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