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  1. Asian Trade Associations 2-00
  2. Better Business Bureaus
      Directory providing state by state addresses, telephone and FAX numbers. 10-09

  3. Business Strategy Resources (Sookoo)
      Provides a search engine and directory for resources according to topics, such as consulting groups, recruiters, change management, competitive intelligence, leadership, and more. 2-00

  4. Company Annual Reports (Bay Tact - Public Register's Annual Report Service)
      Provides a form for ordering a free annual report after the company has been identified by ticker symbol, industry, name, or state. 2-00

  5. Competitive Intelligence (ciseek)
      Provides articles on the field of competitive intelligence. 2-00

  6. Comprehensive Business Links (US SBA)
  7. EDGAR Database of Corporate Information (SEC Filings)
      Corporations are required to file annual reports to this searchable database.

  8. Embassies (
      Provides information on embassies and their programs.

  9. National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health
      Provides safety and health information at work for all people through research and prevention.

  10. News
  11. Search Engine (
      Provides searches. 10-09

  12. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) 6-01
  13. US Business Advisor (
      " helps small businesses understand their legal requirements, and locate government services supporting the nationís small business community."

      " is an official site of the U.S. Government." 10-09

  14. Valuation of Companies (Motley Fool)
      Describes different foundations for valuing a company. 11-02

  15. Valuation of Companies - Tips and Tools (Motley Fool)
      Helps you assess the value of your business. " 'If you are really trying to find the true value of a business, there's only one way to do it in my view, and that is to talk to potential buyers,' he says. 'You want to find out what the traffic will bear, and you can't find out what the traffic will bear from an academic analysis of data.' " 11-02

  1. Personal Finance (Awesome Library)
      Provides online information on personal credit and financial planning.

  2. Taxes - Filing With the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  1. -04-20-07 Walmart Aims to Cut Energy Use and Costs (MSNBC News)
      "The major environmental overhaul includes finding ways to make its thousands of trucks more efficient, building new stores with strict energy conservation goals and pushing its suppliers to reduce packaging."

      "Wal-Martís shift, if successful, should mean more than just token moves. The company is so big, and the network of companies that supply its products so vast, that experts see the potential for Wal-Mart to have a tangible impact on problems such as greenhouse gas emissions." 04-07

  2. Business Startup News and Information (Wall Street Journal)
      Provides news articles, searches, and services for startup companies. Sometimes visitors misspell as Wallstreet. 9-00

  3. Financial News (The Motley Fool)
      Provides news on financial markets, with special coverage of technology. 8-99

  4. Industry Communities (VerticalNet)
      Provides 55 industry communities. 1-01

  5. Technology Investment News (Red Herring Communications)
      Provides news related to investing in the high tech arena. 3-00

  6. Technology News (Andover News Network)
      Provides news related to technology investment and trends. 2-00

  1. -09-11-09 50 Most Powerful Women (
      "In 1998 when the Most Powerful Women in Business list premiered, just two of our honorees ran Fortune 500 companies. This year 13 do." 09-09

  2. Annual Reports of Major Corporations (IRIN)
      Provides annual reports and financial reports of businesses, listed alphabetically.

  3. Better Business Bureau
      The BBB website offers you valuable information on companies that can be useful before you buy or invest, after you but, when you donate, or before you advertise. You can also find helpful news and alerts, get information on a compan, file a complaint against a company or a file a complaint about a new car.

  4. Business Links Hotlist (US SBA)
  5. Business Plan Tutorial (SBA)
      Provides a guide for developing a business plan. 2-00

  6. Business for Social Responsibility (
      Provides a guide to ways that businesses can act in more socially responsible ways. 5-02

  7. Company Information - Technology (
      Provides financial information on technology companies. 1-01

  8. Consumer Confidence Index (Conference Board)
      Provides statistics on the Consumer Confidence Index, basic information used to guide government and business decisions.

  9. Glossary of Financial Terms (
      Provides definitions for key financial terms, such as recession, depression, gross national product (GNP), and other terms. 12-00

  10. Great Companies to Retire From (CNN News)
      "At a time when some firms have cut back on benefits, these employers offer notably generous plans. Fortune picks some of the best." 10-09

  11. Leadership - Toxic Boss Syndrome ( - Reh)
      Describes the "toxic boss syndrome" and suggests solutions. 7-02

  12. Leading Change (Presbyterian Church in Canada - Coutts)
      Describes the eight components of Leading Change by John Kotter. 7-02

  13. Leading Economic Indicators (Conference Board)
      Provides statistics on the Leading Economic Indicators, basic information used to guide government and business decisions.

  14. Personal Finance Basics (
      Provides tips on personal finances. 6-01

  15. Researching Companies - Questions to Ask (SEC)
      Provides sources of information to pursue before investing in a company. 6-99

  16. Retirement Bargains (US
      "You've earned it: a great place to settle down after years of hard work. And it can be affordable, too. U.S. News has consulted the retirement experts and discovered 10 low-cost gems that are worth a closer look." 06-07

  17. Starting a Business (SBA)
      Provides guides for starting a business.

  18. Venture List
      "Where Venture Meets Capital" This website provides a forum for start-ups seeking seed level investments. Find the latest emerging companies seeking capital before their big IPO. Get your business plan reviewed by's team of experts and receive valuable feedback.

  19. West Coast Port Talks Stalled (CNN)
      Describes the stallmate between union representatives and management. The work stoppage "has essentially choked off trade between the United States and Asia and cost the U.S. economy an estimated $1 billion a day." 9-02

  20. Yahoo's Rise and Fall (Business Week Online)
      Provides a history of management decisions at Yahoo, with lessons to be learned. 6-01

  1. American Business Women's Association
      "The mission of the American Business Womenís Association is to bring together business women of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support and national recognition."

  2. Business (The Wall Street Journal)
  3. Magazines - Free for Businesses (
      Provides free magazines to qualifying businesses. 6-01

  1. Business Plan - Creating (
      Provides an outline, strategies, and tips on developing a business plan. 5-00.

Purchase Resources
  1. Venture Capital Firms (Wall Street Journal)
      Provides a database of firms that provide venture capital, by industry. A fee is charged for the listing. Sometimes visitors misspell as Wallstreet. 9-00


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