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  1. Codes of Conduct for Multinationals (International Labour Office)
      Provides ethical standards for multinational businesses. (The ILO is in the United Kingdom.)

  2. Corporate Codes of Conduct (International Labour Office)
      Provides a guide for developing and implementing ethical standards. (The ILO is in the United Kingdom.)

  3. Globalization Issues (Awesome Library)
      Provides sources that discuss the pros and cons of globalization and "Americanization."

  4. Model Business Principles (International Labour Office)
      Provides the Model Business Principles developed by the Clinton Department of Commerce to guide global companies. (The ILO is in the United Kingdom.)

  1. A Study in Ethics Leadership - Malden Mills (Organizational Productivity Leadership - Boulay)
      After a fire that destroyed his factory, "Aaron Feuerstein spent millions keeping all 3,000 employees on the payroll with full benefits for 3 months."

      "Feuerstein did not throw his money away. It was not largesse. It was a well reasoned and sound leadership decision to invest millions in Malden Mills’ most critical asset, its workers. The contrast between this CEO and the currently celebrated CEOs making 30, 60 or 100 million dollars a year by eliminating jobs and moving plants is simply astounding."

  2. Business Ethics (
      Provides reports, papers, and sources of information related to business ethics.

  3. Creating a Code of Business Ethics (MacDonald)
      Provides a guide and essays on ethics in business.

  4. Creating a World-Wide Code of Ethics (ACM - Lee and Berleur)
      Provides "a set of guidelines for the establishment and evaluation of codes has been produced and procedures for the assistance of code development have been established within IFIP."

  5. Ethics Toolkit for Managers (McNamara)
      Provides a guide "designed to help leaders and managers with real-world advice to deal with real-world issues in the workplace."

  6. Interpreting a Code of Business Ethics (Workplace Ethics - von Baeyer)
      Suggests steps to create "the ethical consensus that will ensure consistent, sound decision-making in the organization."

  7. Lunch With Warren Buffet (
      "Buffett is the most successful investor in history, yet he has reached that pinnacle while also being supremely ethical. As remarkable for his philanthropy as for his stock picking, he announced in 2006 that he'd give the bulk of his billions to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and typically the fee for our lunch went to the Glide Foundation, a charity that helps the poor and homeless. Lunch with Buffett, we figured, would be a good way to give to charity, but it would also be the ultimate capitalist master class — a unique chance to see up close what makes the Sage of Omaha tick and to learn from his wisdom." 07-08

  8. Principles - A Framework For Universal Principles of Ethics (Crossroads Programs - Colero)
      "There are many tools for decision making, but few (secular) guides to indicate when situations might have an ethical implication. Yet this awareness is a crucial first step before decisions are made. Recognizing the moral context of a situation must precede any attempt to resolve it."

      "Ethical dilemmas rarely present themselves as such. They usually pass us by before we know it or develop so gradually that we can only recognize them in hindsight - a little like noticing the snake after you've been bitten." "The principles have been organized into three categories for ease of use: personal, professional and global ethics."

  9. Questions for Corporate Directors to Ask on Ethics (Crossroads Program - Colero)
      Provides five questions that a corporate director should ask. "Lack of attention to ethics can be a corporation’s Achilles’ heel, with the potential for a single employee to topple even large well-established companies."

  10. Suing International Corporations for Human Rights Violations (
      "The Alien Tort Claims Act (ATCA) of 1789 grants jurisdiction to US Federal Courts over 'any civil action by an alien for a tort only, committed in violation of the law of nations or a treaty of the United States.' "


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