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Professional Development

  1. -02-10-2009 The Price of Saying "No" at Work (CNN News)
      "Go ahead, they'd all tell you, say no anytime you want. Say no to the relocation 500 miles away from the one house and one town that your kids know as home. Say no to working one weekend so you can be with your ailing father before it's too late. Say no to the client who wants it done tomorrow so you can go on the vacation you've been planning for a year with your best friend. But before you utter that word, know the consequences of that answer, or, as my friend the corporate president calls it dryly: the consequence kickback." 02-09

  2. -08-23-09 What Causes Success? (
      In the book "Outliers," Malcolm Gladwell describes the results of his research on success and finds different causes than we are used to seeing. "A lot of the book is an attempt to describe the lives of successful people, but to tell their stories in a different way than we're used to. I have a chapter that deals, in part, with explaining the extraordinary success of Bill Gates. But I'm not interested in anything that happened to him past the age of about 17. Or I have a chapter explaining why Asian schoolchildren are so good at math. But it's focused almost entirely on what the grandparents and great-grandparents and great-great grandparents of those schoolchildren did for a living." 08-09

  1. Create Ghannt Charts Online (
      Provides online program that allows you to list tasks and dates and resources to create a Ghannt chart. 05-09

  2. Legislative Priorities for Small Businesses (National Business Association)
      "House Small Business Committee Chairman Don Manzullo (R-IL) today said tax relief, health care affordability, liability reform, and regulatory relief top the list of items America’s small businesses want Congress to address in 2005." 3-05

  3. Personal Skills for Business (
      Provides suggestions on communication and other skills related to success in business.

  4. Reasons for Success and Failure in Business (National Business Association - Khan)
      "Based on a study by Jessie Hagen of the US Bank, here are the main reasons why businesses fail:

      Poor Business Planning
      Poor Financial Planning
      Poor Marketing
      Poor Management" 3-05

  5. Skills for Business (
      Provides suggestions on sales, marketing, communication, management, and starting a business. Also includes buying and selling a business.


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