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  1. -01-19-06 Ex-EPA Directors Blast Bush on the Environment (MSNBC News)
      "Six former heads of the Environmental Protection Agency five Republicans and one Democrat accused the Bush administration Wednesday of neglecting global warming and other environmental problems." 01-06

  2. -Editorial: Is This Humanity's First Planetary Emergency? (ABC News)
      "Please don't shoot the messenger. Those of us who cover global warming already have enough to think about as we consider some of the latest assessments coming from established scientists."

      "And it's important to mention at the outset that most of these scientists say there may still be a chance for humanity to avoid the worst if we get our global act together immediately though they do say we are in for at least some very rough times." 06-06

  3. 12-24-06 California Seeks Lead in Environmental Issues (MSNBC News)
      "And now Schwarzenegger, a Republican, wants to use his star power to turn global warming into an issue in the 2008 presidential election. 'There is a whole new movement because of the change of people sent to Washington,' Schwarzenegger said in an interview this week, referring to the Democratic Party's impending takeover of Congress. 'We want to put the spotlight on this issue in America. It has to become a debate in the presidential election. It has to become an issue.' "

      "Schwarzenegger made no bones about his exasperation with the Bush administration's refusal to allow California to become the first state in the nation to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles." 12-06

  4. Australia Launches Climate Plans (BBC News)
      "Prime Minister John Howard announced an investment of A$500m (US$379m) in clean technology, much of which will look at reducing carbon emissions from coal." 12-06


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