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  1. Climate Change Deniers
  1. Long-Term Green Strategy for the Economy (MSNBC News)
      Tom Friedman discusses his book, Hot, Flat, and Crowded, about a green technology revolution to handle global warming and boost the economy. 09-08

  1. -02-04-06 Reality Check on President's Oil Reduction Plan (Christian Science Monitor)
      "With Americans concerned about rising gasoline prices and dependence on imported oil, the president wants to cut 75 percent of US oil imports from the region by 2025 - and he provided a new energy plan to help do it."

      "A bipartisan proposal in Congress - the 'Vehicle and Fuel Choices for American Security Act' - advocates a 7-million-barrel cut over 20 years, nearly double Bush's proposal and eliminating the need for any Middle Eastern oil." 02-06

  2. -04-18-08 Green Websites (
      Provides Websites dedicated to the greening of the planet. 04-08

  3. Environment News (Environment News Service)
      Provides stories related to pollution, global warming, preservation of species, alternative energy, energy efficiency, saving forests, and similar topics.

  4. Keeling Curve (NASA)
      "The measurements show the steady rise of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere over a [60-year period (1958-2018)]. Regular wobbles reflect the inhalation and exhalation of the Earth as plants grow, absorbing carbon in the summer and spring, and decay, releasing carbon in the fall and winter. The measurements shown in this curve represent the world’s longest continuous record of atmospheric carbon dioxide and were the first to confirm the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide released from the burning of fossil fuels. As such, this is considered to be among the most important time-series data sets for the study of global climate change."

  5. The Keeling Curve (
      Displays the level of monthly average carbon dioxide concentration at Mauna Lao Observatory in Hawaii from 1960 to 2018. The parts per million changed from 315 to 411.

  1. -"Carbon-Neutral" Won't Be Enough (
      "What this means is that our current widespread advocacy of CO2 emissions reduction has little leverage on what most scientists regard as the cause of global warming—the highest atmospheric CO2 levels in hundreds of thousands of years. The assumption that CO2 emissions reductions will do the trick has become popular groupthink, not subject to scrutiny because it's what we all know, and may seem like the only available option. Once again, we are goading ourselves into a gallant cavalry charge into the barbed wire."

      "Carbon-neutral won't be enough. We have to be carbon-negative, to be pulling carbon out of the atmosphere into some safe, stable place. Various technologies have been proposed for this, but so far they haven't succeeded in solving the immense storage or disposal issues, and they require energy. The oxidation or burning of carbon compounds yields energy, and the reverse reactions require energy. Reversing the Keeling curve will require enormous amounts of energy."

  2. -01 Study: Cause of Pause in Global Temperature Increase (
      Provides evidence that cool eastern Pacific winds have cooled surface temeratures. The excess heat from global warming has been absorbed deep in oceans. "This hiatus could persist for much of the present decade if the trade wind trends continue, however rapid warming is expected to resume once the anomalous wind trends abate." 02-14

  3. -Study: Arctic Warming But Should Be Cooling (MSNBC News)
      "The Arctic is warmer than it's been in 2,000 years, according to a new study, even though it should be cooling because of changes in the Earth's orbit that cause the region to get less direct sunlight." 09-09

  4. Australia and USA Pledge $127 Million for Fighting Global Warming (USA Today)
      "The United States and Australia on Thursday pledged a combined $127 million to an Asia Pacific plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting renewable energy sources and cleaner ways to use coal."

      "The countries at the meeting — with 45% of the world's population — account for nearly half of the world's gross domestic product, energy consumption and global greenhouse gas emissions, the Australian government said."

      "Greenpeace slammed Thursday's pledges as inadequate."

  5. Biggest Offenders in Global Warming (BBC News)
      "The US emits more, absolutely and per head, than any other country - although it also produces more wealth. When Kyoto was agreed, the US signed and committed to reducing its emissions by 6%. But since then it has pulled out of the agreement and its carbon dioxide emissions have increased to more than 15% above 1990 levels." 03-06

  6. Bush Administration Blocks Plans to Reduce Global Warming (CBS News)
      "The Bush administration is working in advance of next month's summit of industrial nation leaders to resist naming global warming as an urgent problem that requires aggressive action." 6-05

  7. Bush Administration Blocks Plans to Reduce Global Warming (The Observer Guardian)
      "While the aid-for-Africa element of the G8 discussions has progressed to the point where pledges of billions of dollars have been made, the greater issue of saving the planet is bogged in petty negotiation, largely because America's delegates still refuse to admit, in public, that global warming is caused by human activity." 6-05

  8. Carbon Levels Accelerating (BBC News)
      "US climate scientists have recorded a significant rise in the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, pushing it to a new record level."

      " 'We don't see any sign of a decrease; in fact, we're seeing the opposite, the rate of increase is accelerating,' Dr Pieter Tans told the BBC." 03-06

  9. Department of Energy Releases Documents Showing Access to Energy Companies (CBS News)
      Summarizes documents released under court order to show which groups influenced the development of national policy on energy. According to the summary, energy executives and lobbyists had a great deal of access to the head of the Energy Department, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham. "In all, three dozen energy executives and lobbyists participated in eight meetings with Abraham from mid-February to late April 2001. The Cheney energy report was released in May."

      "But the papers released late Monday by DOE document no top-level meetings with advocates of energy efficiency or renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power.

  10. EPA to Relax Clean Air Requirements for Utilities (
      Groups monitoring air pollution activity regard the new policy as very bad for the environment . "An easing of the rules, they argued, will produce millions of tons of additional pollution from older coal-burning plants and amount to a rollback of the Clean Air Act."

  11. Editorial - Argument Against Bush Global Warming Policy (
      Provides arguments against Bush Administration proposals to fight global warming. 5-02

  12. Essay in Response to the Bush Energy Plan (Sierra Club)
      "President Bush's energy plan won't work, because it makes the wrong choices. The Bush Administration energy plan ignores high-tech, energy-efficient solutions in favor of increased oil, gas, coal, and nuclear production, while his budget proposal slashes funding for renewable energy and efficiency by a third." 11-02

  13. Experts Contradict Bush on Costs to Counter Warming (MSNBC News)
      "Mandatory limits on all U.S. emissions of carbon dioxide and other 'greenhouse' gases would not significantly affect average economic growth rates across the country through 2025, the government says." 4-05

  14. Global Warming (BBC News)
      Provides news from March, 2006. 03-06

  15. Global Warming and Financial Interests (
      "Five months after Bush's inauguration, a West Virginia Coal Association official told a meeting of the organization: 'You did everything you could to elect a Republican president. Now you are already seeing in his actions the payback ... for what we did.' "

      "That 'payback' came in the form of an about-face on a campaign promise Candidate Bush made in 1999 -- to repeat nationally what he had done as governor of Texas, imposing a carbon dioxide emissions cap on the state's coal-fired power plants. In a letter to four Republican senators, Bush said he was backing away from the cap because of the 'incomplete state of scientific knowledge of the causes of, and solutions to, global climate change and the lack of commercially available technologies for removing and storing carbon dioxide.' "

      "Particularly pleased by Bush's flip-flop was Irl Englehardt, chair of the Peabody Group, the country's biggest coal company. Englehardt had donated $250,000 to the Republican National Committee, and served as an adviser to the Bush-Cheney Energy Transition Team." 11-05

  16. Kyoto Protocol Meeting Fails (CNN)
      Describes the failure of nations to agree on limits on greenhouse gases to reduce global warming, a condition that is likely to result in catastrophic weather changes for the planet. The United States was regarded as a barrier to an agreement because it demanded the right to plant trees to offset its rate of pollution. 11-00

  17. U.N. Report: Evidence for Global Warming Is "Unequivocal" (PBS News)
      "The evidence for global warming is 'unequivocal' and it is 'very likely' that human actions are to blame for rising temperatures, an international panel of climate experts said Friday.” 01-07

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  1. Water Pollution (NASA Sample)
      Provides studies for kids to explore water pollution. 4-00


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