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Seed Banks

  1. A Seed Bank to Save the World (Guardian Unlimited)
      "The new Svalbard International Seed Vault will serve as a repository for crucial seeds in the event of a global catastrophe, said Norway's agriculture minister, Terje Riis-Johansen." 06-06

  2. Seed Bank in Case of an Apocalypse (
      "The project, run by the Royal Botanical Garden, at Kew, England, aims to collect seeds from 10 percent of the world’s flowering plant species and to stow them in a sort of climate-controlled Noah’s Ark against the possibility of depletion, whether by climate change, alien-species invasion, overdevelopment or apocalypse." 08-07

  3. Seed Project to Preserve Species (
      "The National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation (NCGRP) conserves genetic resources of crops and animals important to US agriculture and landscapes. Preservation of genetic diversity in ex situ genebanks such as NCGRP is important for conservation of biological diversity and utilization of genetic resources for economic and environmental sustainability. Formerly called the National Seed Storage Laboratory (NSSL), our facility changed its name in 2001 to reflect an expanded mission beyond seed storage. In addition to being a seed bank, NCGRP is a repository for animal genetic resources in the form of semen and plant genetic resources in the form of graftable buds or in vitro plantlets. Genetic resources are preserved using state-of-the-art technology that often involves cryogenics. A research team with cryobiology expertise works to develop cryopreservation technologies." 12-07

  4. Seed Project to Preserve Species (
      Describes the British project to save many species of plants from extinction by development of a huge seed bank. 11-00


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