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  1. -09-24-09 Is China the "Good Guy" on Climate Change? (
      "Now the world's fastest growing big economy is ready to move into one of the world's fastest growing financial markets: carbon-trading. The China-Beijing Environmental Exchange (CBEEX) and the French emissions exchange BlueNext announced on Sept. 23 that they were putting together a carbon market standard for China." 09-09

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  1. -China Controls 95 Percent of World's Rare Earth Minerals (CBS News)
      "China produces 95 percent of the world’s rare earths, essential for a wide range of high-tech industries."

      "No more than a few thousand metric tons remain to be shipped under this year’s quota, out of 30,300 metric tons of authorized shipments. World demand for Chinese rare earths approaches 50,000 tons a year, according to industry estimates."

      "The value of the remaining quotas has soared to the point that the right to export a single ton of rare earths from China now sells for about $40,000, including special Chinese taxes."

      "That is a sizable additional cost for buyers of neodymium, a rare earth used to make lightweight, powerful magnets essential to everything from large wind turbines to gasoline-electric cars to Apple iPhones. 10-10

  2. -China, India, and USA Make Climate Deal (USA Today)
      "A senior Obama administration official says the U.S., China, India and South Africa have reached a 'meaningful agreement' on climate change."

      "The official characterized the deal as a first step, but said it was not enough to combat the threat of a warming planet."

      Editor's Note: Coal-fired power plants from China, India, and the U.S. are the top sources of human-caused CO2 emissions in the world.

      However, decaying organic matter (biomass) releases 8 times as much CO2 into the air as coal-fired plants and all other human activity. If organic waste from agriculture and forestry is pyrolyzed into clean energy and biochar and on a global scale, the amount of total CO2 in the air could be reversed to avoid a catastrophe. 12-09

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  4. China Facing Energy Shortages (
      "The amount of new installed capacity is due to fall by 10 million kilowatts next year, compared to this year, while demand continues to climb at double-digit rates, Hu Zhaoguang, vice president of State Grid Energy Research Institute, said in comments posted on the Energy Research Observation Net." 05-11

  5. China Has Problems with World's Largest Dam as Drought Persists (CNN News)
      "In a rare admission, the Chinese government has said the Three Gorges Dam -- the world's largest hydropower plant -- is having 'urgent problems,' warning of environmental, construction and migration "disasters" amid the worst drought to hit southern China in 50 years." 05-11

  6. China Moves toward Clean Coal Energy (
      "Experts predict that China can develop its own coal fueled gasification technology with its own intellectual property rights in five years. The end product is said to be 50 percent cheaper than similar international products.”

      "Meanwhile, the China Huaneng Group, the country's largest coal-fueled power generator, has joined a coalition of global electric utilities and coal companies that is to design, construct and operate the world's first 'zero-emission' coal-fueled power plant." 03-12

  7. China Plans World's Largest City (
      "Some ambitious apparatchiks in southern China want to combine 9 cities to create an urban area the size of New Jersey and Vermont combined."

      "The plan, announced in state media, would unite several existing cities in the prosperous Pearl River Delta region, including Guangzhou (12 million), Shenzhen (8.6 million), Dongguan (6.9 million) and six smaller cities. Together, these cities already account for about 10% of China's economy, the Telegraph notes." 01-11

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