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Carbon Markets and Standards

  1. IBI Biochar Certification Program (
      "IBI is currently developing an IBI Biochar Certification program that will allow producers to officially label their biochar with an IBI logo as having met the requirements of the Biochar Standards. IBI believes that a program to certify biochar according to the Biochar Standards will further develop the biochar industry."

      "The IBI Biochar Standards are the result of a multi-year development process that was global, transparent, and inclusive, and that involved the input and participation of hundreds of research scientists, entrepreneurs, farmers and other stakeholders in the drafting, review and approval of the document." 07-12

  2. Premium Quality Carbon Credits (
      "The Gold Standard Registry is a web-based software application that creates, tracks and enables the trading of Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) credits around the world. All Gold Standard VER credits are issued and tracked within the Registry via unique serial numbers."

      "Using proven and trusted NYSE Blue environmental markets infrastructure, the registry manages the full lifecycle of a VER carbon credit from creation to retirement. In accordance with the Gold Standard Foundationís premium standards, the registry ensures the transparency, quality, reliability and security of these carbon commodities for the marketplace." 07-12


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