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  1. Christmas - Town of Bethlehem (Franciscans of Malta, Christus Rex, Abela)
      Provides pictures of special sites within Bethelem.

  2. Hamer, Fannie Lou Townsend (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee)
      Provides a biography of the civil rights activist. 6-00

  3. Conservative News and Information (Heritage Foundation -
      Provides a conservative view of news events. 5-01

  4. John Snow - Comments on Nomination of John Snow as Treasury Secretary ( - Novak)
      "With his economic program's outlines charted, President Bush was looking for a secretary of the Treasury and National Economic adviser who would energetically sell his tax cuts." 12-02

  5. John Snow - Comments on Nominations of John Snow and Stephan Friedman ( - Kudlow)
      "Apparently, Vice President Dick Cheney quietly led a search team that came up with Snow. In contrast, the White House loudly leaked the name of investment banker Stephen Friedman to replace Larry Lindsey as head of the National Economic Council. Neither the stock market nor the rest of the world (nor me) knows much about these men." 12-02

  6. Terrorism Mentality Clashes With Small-Town Ways (MSNBC News)
      "Federal law will make county treasurer Paula Schneider do something that would be plain rude on the streets of this little town: treat friends as strangers." 8-05

  7. -09-27-05 Damage to Small Towns Almost Total (MSNBC News)
      "While much of Texas and Louisiana dodged the worst of Hurricane Rita, the damage to some small, rural towns was virtually complete ó and the storm was being blamed on new deaths long after it moved away." 9-05

  8. How One Town Will Fund College (
      "Kalamazoo is only the second US city, after Washington, to offer full-tuition scholarships to its graduates." 11-05

  9. Townie Crank-Forward Design (
      Provides a crank-forward design that allows the rider to sit flat-footed at stops. Awesome Library does not endorse this product, but only provides it as an example. 05-08

  10. -06-04-08 McCain Challenges Obama to Town Hall Debates (MSNBC News)
      "After clinching the Democratic presidential nomination, Barack Obama on Wednesday went on the offensive against Republican opponent John McCain, who responded by inviting his rival to hold a series of town hall meetings with him across the country to debate issues." 06-08

  11. Small Town USA (CNN News)
      "Brianne's story is one of 100 captured in a new book called "The Oxford Project." It combines black-and-white portrait photographs -- one from 1984, a second 20 years later -- with oral histories to give a mosaic of a small town, of hopes and dreams, of triumphs and tragedies, of life and death." 10-08

  12. -01-28-09 Obama, Man About Town (ABC News)
      "President Obama started his presidency at a full sprint, but in the weeks leading up to Inauguration Day he took some time to have a little fun outside of the office." 01-09

  13. Towns Struggle with Religious Freedom Issues (
      "While insisting he isn't anti-Islam, Fisher says he does question how construction of the mosque 'promotes the general welfare' of the people, as outlined in the Bill of Rights. 'I respect their rights to worhip as they see fit, but I'm not certain this promotes domestic tranquility.' " 08-10

  14. -Death of a Small Town Bank (
      "CBT was the 32nd bank to fail in Georgia since the start of the financial crisis in 2008 and one of 132 to fail nationwide in 2010 so far. In many ways, it embodies what has gone wrong with America's once trusted banking system." 11-10

  15. -10-27-14 What the Battle over the Town of Kobani in Syria Means (
      "Pentagon officials were predicting earlier this month that ISIS fighters would overrun the town, near the Turkish border, by mid-October, followed by widespread slaughters among the conquered population."

      "That hasnít happened. And while thatís obviously good news in the short term for the cityís 200,000 largely-Kurdish residents, itís tougher to handicap what it means for the long-term U.S.-led effort to 'degrade and destroy' ISIS." 10-14

  16. Wind Generators for Cities (American Wind Energy Association)
      Provides information on wind generators for use for cities and towns. 02-07

  17. Walling Off the Palestinians (BBC News - Hawley)
      Describes the conditions of Palestinians trying to travel between towns in Palestinian territory. 6-02

  18. Corporate Charters - Limitations of the Past (Grossman and Adams)
      "Many colonial citizens argued that under the Constitution, no business could be granted special privileges. Others worded that once incorporators amassed wealth, they would use their corporate shields to control jobs and production, buy off the press and dominate elections and the courts." However, in 1886 the U.S. Supreme Court granted corporations the same rights and protections as individual persons.

      "Within just a few decades, appointed judges had redefined the 'common good' to mean the corporate use of humans and the Earth for maximum production and profit -- no matter what was manufactured, who was hurt or what was destroyed. Corporations had obtained control over resources, production, commerce, jobs, politicians, judges and the law. Workers, citizens, cities, towns, states and nature were left with fewer and fewer rights that corporations were forced to respect."

      "By rewriting the [state] laws governing corporations, we citizens can reassert the convictions of the people who struggled to resist corporate rule in the past." 7-02

  19. Israelis Attack Militants Among Civilians (Independent)
      Israeli soldiers attacked Palestinians towns, leaving 12 dead.

      "Palestinian Cabinet Minister Saeb Erekat denounced the Israeli raid as a massacre. 'Every time we witness efforts to revive the peace process and put it back on track, like those being exerted now by Mr Solana, the Israeli government moves to conduct such war crimes and murder innocent civilians because the end game of the Israeli government is to resume full occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank,' Mr Erekat said."

      "Raanan Gissin, an adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, said Palestinian militants were to blame for the high death toll. 'We try to keep civilian casualties to a minimum, but we can't say that because there are civilians there, we will not take action against the terrorists,' he said." 10-02

  20. Who, The (
      "From Mod-era 'maximum R and B' to rock operas and quintessential Seventies hard rock, the Who reigned across the decades as one of the greatest rock and roll bands of all time. At their best, they distilled the pent-up energy and chaos of rock and roll into its purest form while investing their music with literary wiles and visionary insight. In their prime they were a unit whose individual personalities fused into a larger-than-life whole. Pete Townshend provided the slashing guitar work and much of the material. Vocalist Roger Daltrey injected the songs with expressive muscularity and passion. Bassist John Entwistle anchored the band with his stoic demeanor and expert musicianship. Keith Moon, one of the greatest of all rock and roll drummers, embodied their explosive energy and anarchic wit." 9-03

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