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Israeli Wall

  1. Israeli View of the Wall (PBS NewsHour - Farnsworth)
      Farnsworth: "The government of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon says it is constructing a barrier between Israel and the West Bank to prevent attacks like last month's suicide bombing in Jerusalem."

      Beer: "People see what terrorism can do. They don't want the options for terrorists to come here, and that's why the people of Israel want the wall. They want to prevent the children to die in these bombings." 2-04

  2. Opinions on the West Bank Wall (BBC News)
      Provides opinions from people in the UK, USA, Russia, Europe, Israel, and other locations. No opinions are included from Palestinians. 2-04

  3. Palestinian View of the Wall (PBS NewsHour - Farnsworth)
      Farnsworth: "Palestinian leaders say the attacks are an inevitable result of Israeli occupation, and call the barrier a 'catastrophe.' "

      Ashwari: "It's a wall that distorts any Palestinian reality, that prevents any kind of emergence of a contiguous, viable Palestinian state. And at the same time it's an excuse for annexation of further land, annexation of water resources, and of course with the byproduct of displacement of Palestinians, of tremendous economic and daily living hardships." 2-04

  4. What Is the West Bank Wall? (BBC News)
      "The West Bank 'security fence' has been highly controversial ever since the Israeli government decided to build it in 2002."

      "After initial hesitation, the government adopted the plan saying it was essential to prevent Palestinian would-be suicide bombers from entering Israel and attacking Israeli civilians, as has happened many times during the Palestinian intifada."

      "Pro-settlement objections have been largely assuaged by the fact that the structure is not being built on Israel's pre-1967 boundary, but snakes several kilometres into the West Bank to link settlements up to Israel."

      "For Israel's critics, the plan epitomises everything that is wrong with Israel's occupation of Palestinian land and its approach to making peace with its Arab neighbours."

      "Palestinian land is confiscated to build the barrier; hundreds of Palestinian farmers and traders are cut off from their land and means of economic survival. Most significantly, it creates 'facts on the ground' and imposes unilateral solutions which preclude negotiated agreements in the future."

      "The impact of the plan has been felt most acutely in Qalqilya itself, once known as the West Bank's 'fruit basket', which lies within a tight loop in the wall. It is cut off on three sides - from the farms which supply its markets and the region's second-largest water sources in the region. Access to the 40,000-inhabitant town will pass through a single Israeli checkpoint."

      "Two separate court challenges are being made to the barrier, one in The Hague and the other in Israel itself."


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