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  1. -03-25-06 Impeachment Whispers Get Louder (MSNBC News)
      "To drive through the mill towns and curling country roads here is to journey into New England's impeachment belt. Three of this state's 10 House members have called for the investigation and possible impeachment of President Bush."

      "It would be a considerable overstatement to say the fledgling impeachment movement threatens to topple a presidency -- there are just 33 House co-sponsors of a motion by Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) to investigate and perhaps impeach Bush, and a large majority of elected Democrats think it is a bad idea." 03-06

  2. -05-10-06 Polls: Conservatives Fleeing Bush (MSNBC News)
      "Disaffection over spending and immigration have caused conservatives to take flight from President Bush and the Republican Congress at a rapid pace in recent weeks, sending Bush's approval ratings to record lows and presenting a new threat to the GOP's 12-year reign on Capitol Hill, according to White House officials, lawmakers and new polling data." 05-06

  3. -06-13-06 Editorial: News Topics Beyond Control of Mainstream Media (
      "The blogosphere has been abuzz. But in the days since Rolling Stone magazine published a long piece that accused Republicans of widespread and intentional cheating that affected the outcome of the last presidential election, the silence in America's establishment media has been deafening." 06-06

  4. -07-21-06 DNC: Hand Counting Needed for CD-50 Race (
      "In a harshly worded statement, the DNC's Voting Rights Institute has issued a statement condemning the administration of the recent U.S. House race between Democrat Francine Busby and Republican Brian Bilbray, joining a growing national outcry in calling for 'a swift and verifiable 'manual count' of all 150,000 ballots cast in California's 50th District's 'bellwether' June 6th special election." 07-06

  5. -10-13-06 Air America Files for Bankruptcy (Washington Times)
      "Air America Radio, the liberal talk and news radio network that features comedian Al Franken, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday but will stay on air as it reorganizes with funding from its investor group." 10-06

  6. -10-30-06 Limbaugh's Inaccurate Statements (MSNBC News)
      "But the winner, comedian Rush Limbaugh, having buried himself by calling Michael J. Fox a faker in those Missouri campaign ads. Having put up his own headstone by saying the symptoms a Parkinson’s suffer gets when he stops taking his medication include shaking, actually it’s immobility." 10-06

  7. -10-31-06 Election Day Fraud Assessment (
      "The 25 races below are all within the margin of error or tied. Therefore, they are the likeliest contests to target for fraud or 'digital disruption.' They need to be monitored now, throughout election day, thereafter. While candidates claim and concede victory, the vote counting continues for days after any elections. (N.B. No candidate can claim victory or concede a loss absent a final vote count. The votes belong to the people. They are not the emotional and political proxy for exuberant or despondent aspiring public servants.)" 10-06

  8. -Editorial: A Special Comment About Lying (MSNBC News)
      "The president of the United States — unbowed, undeterred and unconnected to reality — has continued his extraordinary trek through our country rooting out the enemies of freedom: the Democrats." 10-06

  9. -Editorial: Elephant in the Polling Booth ( - Mark Crispin Miller)
      "And so the Democrats are feeling good, and calling for a giant drive to get the vote out on Election Day. Such an effort is essential—and not just to the Democrats but to the very survival of this foundering Republic. However, such a drive will do the Democrats, and all the rest of us, more harm than good if it fails to note a certain fact about our current situation: i.e., that the Democrats are going to lose the contest in November, even though the people will (again) be voting for them. The Bush Republicans are likely to remain in power despite the fact that only a minority will vote to have them there. That, at any rate, is what will happen if we don't start working to pre-empt it now." 10-06

  10. -Editorial: Spreading Cancer by Bob Koehler (
      "As we 'protected ourselves,' in the words of the president, from Iraq’s non-existent weapons of mass destruction, we opened our own arsenal of WMD on them, contaminating the country’s soil and polluting its air — indeed, unleashing a nuclear dust into the troposphere and contaminating the whole world." 10-06

  11. -Editorial: What Keeps Rumsfeld Up at Night (Huffington Post)
      "For Don Rumsfeld the problem isn't that we are not winning the war in Iraq, the problem is that we are not properly spinning the war in Iraq." 08-06

  1. Editorial: War Crimes in Iraq ( - Chomsky)
      "After several weeks of bombing, the United States began its ground attack in Falluja. It opened with the conquest of the Falluja General Hospital. The front-page story in the New York Times reported that 'patients and hospital employees were rushed out of rooms by armed soldiers and ordered to sit or lie on the floor while troops tied their hands behind their backs.' An accompanying photograph depicted the scene. It was presented as a meritorious achievement."

      "Some relevant documents passed unmentioned, perhaps because they too are considered quaint and obsolete: for example, the provision of the Geneva Conventions stating that 'fixed establishments and mobile medical units of the Medical Service may in no circumstances be attacked, but shall at all times be respected and protected by the Parties to the conflict.' Thus the front page of the world's leading newspaper was cheerfully depicting war crimes for which the political leadership could be sentenced to severe penalties under U.S. law, the death penalty if patients ripped from their beds and manacled on the floor happened to die as a result. The questions did not merit detectable inquiry or reflection." 04-06


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