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American Presidents
Avoiding Tyranny
Conservative Views
Corporate Power
Democracy and Alternatives
Democracy and Media
Election Reform
Executive Branch
Fraud in Voting
Health Care
Judicial Branch
Law-Related Education
Legislative Branch
Political Corruption
Politics and Elections
Presidential Election 2000
Presidential Election 2004
Presidential Election 2008
Presidential Election 2012
Presidential Election 2016
Presidential Election 2020
Progressive Views
Religion and Politics

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  1. American Presidents
  2. Civil Liberties and Security
  3. Countries
  4. Law
Lesson Plans
  1. Government Lesson Plans (Awesome Library)
      Government lessons are in the "Lessons and Curricula" section of the Awesome Library.

  1. Reference Information (StartSpot Mediaworks - Gov Spot)
      Provides well organized sources of information related to government. 4-00

  2. Search Engine (
      Provides searches. 10-09

  3. Search Engine (
      Provides searches. 10-09

  4. State and Local Government 10-00
  1. Budget Process (Natural Resources Defense Council))
      Provides a simple, four-step explanation of how federal budgets are approved in the United States. 6-01

  2. Newseum - Interactive Museum of News
      Provides information from high visibility journalists and politicians about news-related issues of the day. Designed partly to inform children about the role of news in government.

  3. No Child Left Behind Act (Thomas)
      Provides H.R. 1, new education legislation enacted in January 2002. The Act focuses heavily on improvement of assessment and then, if a school fails to meet standards, alternatives for parents. The official title of the act is "To close the achievement gap with accountability, flexibility, and choice, so that no child is left behind."

  4. State of the World's Children (UNICEF)
  5. U.S. Constitution (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration)
      Provides a readable copy of the U.S. Constitution. 2-03

  6. United Nations
  1. CNN World News
  1. Citizenship - Teaching Citizenship's Five Themes (Education World - Hopkins)
      Provides suggestions for teaching children skills in honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility and courage.

  1. National Standards for Civic Education

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