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  1. Law
  1. Hobbes, Thomas - Leviathan (The University of Adelaide Library - Thomas)
      Provides the philosophy of Hobbes, including his views on government. 8-02

  2. Montesquieu, Charles - Spirit of Laws (Constitution Society)
      Provides a view on the roles and characteristics of different forms of government. (The full name is Charles de Montesquieu.) Visitors sometimes misspell as Montesque, Montesqu, or Montegue. 8-02

  3. Rousseau, Jean-Jacques - The Social Contract (The University of Adelaide Library - Thomas)
      Provides Rousseau's views on the role of govenment and more. 8-02

  1. Historical Documents Shaping American Law (Golding and Hofstetter - Amber)
      Provides classic books and other documents affecting the development of American law. 8-02

  1. Audio of Arguments to the Supreme Court (Supreme Court)
      "The audio recordings of all oral arguments heard by the Supreme Court of the United States are available to the public at the end of each argument week." 03-12

  1. A Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court Arguments on Health Care Reform (CNN News)
      "The court will decide four separate legal questions in these appeals:

      -- Key issue: Does the law overstep federal authority? This is particularly in regard to the key coverage and funding provision: an 'individual mandate' requiring most Americans to purchase health insurance or pay a financial penalty.
      -- Domino-effect issue: Must the entire PPACA be scrapped if that key provision is unconstitutional?
      -- National policy implications issue: Are states being 'coerced' by the federal government to expand their share of Medicaid costs and administration, with the risk of losing that funding if they refuse?
      -- Jurisdictional issue: Are the lawsuits brought by the states and other petitioners barred under the Anti-Injunction Act, and must they wait until the law goes into effect?" 03-12

  2. History of American Federalism (Purdue University Calumet - Amber)
      Provides an outline, key resources, a syllabus, cases, materials, and class questions. Designed for college level. 8-02

  3. History of American Law (Golding and Hofstetter)
      Provides an outline, key resources, and class questions. Designed for college level. 8-02

  4. History of American Law - Timeline of 1066 to Present (Golding and Hofstetter - Amber)
      Provides a timeline of events affecting core elements of American law. 8-02

  5. Locke, John - Second Treatise of Government (Gowan - Locke)
      According to John Locke, his second treatise "is an essay concerning the true original extent and end of civil government." Published in 1690. 8-02

  6. Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or "Obamacare" (NCSL)
      Provides a copy of the law enacting massive health care reform. 03-12

  7. Pickering - Bush Supports Charles Pickering for Federal Judge (The American Center for Law and Justice)
      President Bush states that Judge Pickering is qualified for the job for which Bush has nominated him.

      "I strongly urge his confirmation." "Under our Constitution, the president has the right and responsibility to nominate qualified judges and the legislative branch has the responsibility to vote on them in a fair and timely manner." 1-03

  8. Pickering - Positions For and Against Charles Pickering for Federal Judge (PBS Online NewsHour - Holman)
      Provides positions for and against confirming Judge Pickering for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. 1-03

  9. Understanding the Federal Courts (Federal Judiciary)
      Provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding federal judges, filing a case, juror information, court information, the judicial conference, and even employment. 3-00


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