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  1. History of Money from Ancient Times to Present Day (Davies)
      Provides a history. 10-09

  1. Better Business Bureaus (
      Provides a directory providing state by state addresses, telephone and FAX numbers. 10-09

  2. Business Profiles (
      Provides keyword searches. 10-09

  3. EDGAR Database of Corporate Information (
      Provides corporate information. 10-09

  4. Financial Dictionary (
      Defines key words.

  5. Investment Research Center (CNN News)
      Provides data on markets. 10-09

  6. The Department of the Treasury (
      Provides news. 10-09

  7. The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (
      Provides news. 10-09

  1. The American Stock Exchange (
      Provides data on markets. 10-09

  2. Tokyo Stock Exchange
  1. -01 Most Valuable Exports by Country (
      "To visualize this information, GlobalPost gathered data from the CIA Factbook to determine each nationís highest valued export, and then created a series of maps." 05-14

  2. Cost of Living Index (ACCRA)
      Compares cost of living by cities of your choice. 12-02

  3. Economics - Nobel Laureates Since 1981 (Nobel Foundation)
      Provides short biographies of the Nobel laureates in economics since 1981. 9-00

  4. Essay - Why Recent Economies in the USA Rose and Fell ( - Stiglitz)
      "The executives were being rewarded not on the basis of their companies' performance but on the basis of stock prices."

      "The examples of Enron and Global Crossing prove that incentives matter, and that markets do not always provide the right incentives. That is why government has an important role. Every game has to have rules, and government sets the rules of the economic game. If the rules promote special interests, or the interests of corporate executives, then the outcomes are not likely to promote general interests, or the interests of small shareholders." 12-02

  5. John Snow - Comments on Nomination of John Snow as Treasury Secretary ( - Novak)
      "With his economic program's outlines charted, President Bush was looking for a secretary of the Treasury and National Economic adviser who would energetically sell his tax cuts." 12-02

  6. John Snow - Comments on Nominations of John Snow and Stephan Friedman ( - Kudlow)
      "Apparently, Vice President Dick Cheney quietly led a search team that came up with Snow. In contrast, the White House loudly leaked the name of investment banker Stephen Friedman to replace Larry Lindsey as head of the National Economic Council. Neither the stock market nor the rest of the world (nor me) knows much about these men." 12-02

  7. Labor Statistics by Industry (U.S. Department of Labor)
      Provides key labor statistics by industry. 12-02

  8. Labor Statistics by State (U.S. Department of Labor)
      Provides key labor statistics by state and city.

  9. Schelling, Thomas (
      "Thomas Crombie Schelling (born 14 April 1921) is an American economist and professor of foreign affairs, national security, nuclear strategy, and arms control at the University of Maryland, College Park School of Public Policy. He was awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize in Economics (shared with Robert Aumann) for 'having enhanced our understanding of conflict and cooperation through game-theory analysis'." 10-05

  10. Schelling, Thomas and Robert Aumann (BBC News)
      "US citizen Thomas Schelling and Israeli Robert Aumann have won the 2005 Nobel prize in economics for their work in an area known as game theory." 10-05

  11. U.S. Small Business Administration Services
      Provides information for small businesses. 10-09

  12. World Economic Forum (
      "The World Economic Forum is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the world by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape global, regional and industry agendas." 01-06


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