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Galileo, Galilei
Gandhi, Mahatma
Gates, Bill
Gershwin, George
Giuliani, Rudy
Goodman, Benny
Graham, Billy
Graham, Katharine
Haig, Alexander
Harvey, Paul
Hawking, Stephen
Hitler, Adolf
Hope, Bob
Hubble, Edwin
Hughes, Howard

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  1. Geithner, Timothy F. (
      "Timothy F. Geithner (born August 18, 1961) is the 9th president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York." 09-08

  1. Coulter, Ann (
      Provides a professional profile of the conservative commentator and author. 9-05

  2. Galbraith, John Kenneth (
      Galbraith died on April 29, 2006. "John Kenneth Galbraith, OC, Ph.D, LL.D (October 15, 1908 April 29, 2006) was an influential American economist of the 20th century. He was a Keynesian and an institutionalist, a leading proponent of US-style 20th century political liberalism and progressive politics. His books on economic topics were bestsellers in the late 1950s and during the 1960s." 05-06

  3. Gandhi, Indira (Gale Group)
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  4. Garrett, Elizabeth (Spartacus)
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  5. Geithner, Timothy F. (Federal Reserve)
      "Mr. Geithner was named on November 20, 2003, to serve as the ninth president and chief executive officer of the Second District Federal Reserve Bank, at New York." In November he was identified as the new Secretary of the Treasury. 11-08

  6. Goodall, Jane (PBS Online and Nature)
      Provides a brief history of her professional career related to studying and saving wild chimpanzees.

  7. Gore, Albert (
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  9. Gymnastics - International Teams (USA Gymnastics Online)
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  10. Gymnastics - U.S. National Team (USA Gymnastics Online)
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  11. Hamer, Fannie Lou Townsend (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee)
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  12. Harriman, Averell (
      Provides a brief biography of the diplomat. 11-00

  13. Height, Dorothy Dies (CNN News)
      "President Obama called her a hero and the 'godmother' of the movement, noting she 'served as the only woman at the highest level of the civil rights movement -- witnessing every march and milestone along the way.' " 04-10

  14. Heuvel, Katrina Vanden (
      Provides a professional profile of the progressive commentator and author. 9-05

  15. Himes, Gregory ( - Artz)
      "Gregory Hines, the greatest tap dancer of his generation who transcended the stage with a successful screen career that included starring roles in White Nights and The Cotton Club, has died at 57." 5-02

  16. Hobby, Oveta Culp (Rice University)
      Provides a biography of the "first commanding officer of the WACs and the first secretary of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare." Includes a picture of her. 6-00

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  18. Hopper, Grace (National Women's Hall of Fame)
      Provides a short biography of a great mathematician, computer pioneer, and inventor. She was the first female Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy. 1-01

  19. Hopper, Grace (National Women's Hall of Fame)
      Provides a short biography of a great mathematician, computer pioneer, and inventor. She was the first female Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy. 1-01

  20. Horne, Lena (
      Provides a short biography. 11-01

  21. Horton, Myles (World Press)
      " 'We believe that education leads to action,' Myles said at the school's fortieth anniversary celebration in 1972. 'If you advocate just one action, you're an organizer. We teach leadership here. Then people go out and do what they want.' "

      "The Highlander Center also developed a literacy program in the 1950's that taught thousands of blacks to read and write in an effort to get them to register to vote. The Citizenship Schools represent the largest and clearly the most effective mass literacy campaign ever undertaken in the United States-successful largely because the campaign was not about literacy, but about the right to participate in a democratic society." 11-05

  22. Houston, Charles (
      "Charles Snead Houston was an American physician, mountaineer, high-altitude investigator, inventor, author, film-maker, and former Peace Corps administrator. He made two important and celebrated attempts to climb the Himalayan mountain K2." 10-09

  23. Houston, Sam (The West Film Project and WETA)
      Provides a short biography of the first President of the Lone Star Republic, which became Texas. 6-02

  24. Hoyle, Fred (
      "Sir Fred Hoyle FRS (24 June, 1915 20 August, 2001) was an English astronomer primarily remembered today for his contribution to the theory of stellar nucleosynthesis and his often controversial stance on other cosmological and scientific matters, in particular his rejection of the Big Bang theory." 06-09

  25. Hussein, Abdullah (
      Provides a brief background on the King of Jordan.

  26. Huxley, Aldous ( 12-04
  27. Hypatia of Alexandria (University of St. Andrews)
      "Hypatia of Alexandria was the first woman to make a substantial contribution to the development of mathematics." 2-05

  28. Irene of Athens (
      Provides a biography of the first woman ever to hold the throne of the old Roman Empire. 1-05

  29. Irving, Washington ( 12-04

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