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  1. -03-22-06 Tribe "Sold Down the River" (
      " 'As long as I have lived here my family has been totally dependent on the Salween for our livelihood,' says Htoo Lwee, a member of the Karen ethnic group that lives in the village of Hoekey, a few miles below the proposed dam site at Weigyi. 'The river gives us a living from fishing and from boating. It is our life and our mother. If the dam is constructed we will not be able to live.' "

      "It will destroy forever the towns of Pasaung and Bawlake, the historical capital of the Karenni people, and the site of royal palaces and Buddhist temples and stupas (holy sites). The traditional homelands of one entire tribe, the dwindling Yintalai, who number just 1,000, will disappear." 03-06


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