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  1. Mars Surveryor 1998 Climate Orbiter (NASA)
      Provides information on space flights to Mars.

  2. Climate Action Network (CAN)
      CAN is an organization of 269 environmental organizations from around the world who are working together to be more effective in reducing the greenhouse effect. 11-99

  3. Earth Climate History Through Ice Caps (
      Provides graphs and explanations of climate changes, as well as greenhouse gases, radioactivity, and other measures. Shows that climate over the past ten thousand years has been very stable compared to the time before. Uses ice cores from Antarctica to determine past climate. 3-01

  4. Ocean Currents and Climate (Stott)
      Provides graphics and explanations of ocean currents globally, as well as in the ancient past. 3-01

  5. Climate Change (UMAC)
      Provides a summary of climate and temperature changes in modern times. 3-01

  6. Global Warming - Early Warning Signs Map (
      Provides a world map, marking early warning signs of global warming. 6-01

  7. Recycling, Climate Change, and Pollution (Environmental Defense)
      Provides articles by topic or by search engine. 7-02

  8. Climate Change (
      Provides dozens of articles on global warming and climate change. 10-04

  9. -06-15-05 Bush Climate Expert Joins Oil Giant (Guardian Unlimited)
      "A senior White House official accused of doctoring government reports on climate change to play down the link between greenhouse gas emissions and global warming has taken a job with ExxonMobil, the world's largest oil company."

      "Philip Cooney, who resigned as chief of staff of the White House council on environment quality at the weekend, will begin work at the oil giant in the autumn."

      "Politicians and environmental groups in Washington condemned the move yesterday." 6-05

  10. -07-06-05 Climate Change a Top Issue for G8 Summit (BBC News)
      "Climate change and global trade will top Thursday's agenda when G8 leaders get down to business in earnest."

      "The first full day of the G8 summit will be dominated by the environment, an issue which could expose fault lines between the US and other countries.'' 7-05

  11. Climate in the U.S. Headed for Extremes (Scientific American)
      "The latest and most detailed climate model of the continental U.S. predicts temperatures so extreme by the end of the century they could substantially disrupt the country's economy and infrastructure. The climate simulation, churned out by supercomputers at Purdue University, factors in dynamic environmental variables previously unaccounted for and analyzes them at a resolution twice as fine as previous models. The results indicate an increase in heat, heavier rainfalls and shorter winters, which could strain water resources for people and crops and cause a catastrophic loss of life and property, among other things."

      "To confirm the model's accuracy, Diffenbaugh ran it using weather data from between 1961 and 1985 and compared the prediction with what actually occurred. 'The model performed admirably, which tells us we've got a good understanding of how to represent the physical world in terms of computer code,' he comments." 11-05

  12. -12-11-05 Ice Core Extends Climate Record 650,000 Years (Scientific American)
      "Researchers have recovered a nearly two-mile-long cylinder of ice from eastern Antarctica that contains a record of atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane--two potent and ubiquitous greenhouse gases--spanning the last two glacial periods. Analysis of this core shows that current atmospheric concentrations of CO2--380 parts per million (ppm)--are 27 percent higher than the highest levels found in the last 650,000 years." 12-05

  13. -03-23-06 Climate Model Predicts Submerged Cities (Scientific American)
      "Now a refined climate model is predicting, among other things, sea level rises of as much as 20 feet, according to research results published today in the journal Science."

      "Such a sea level rise would permanently inundate low-lying lands like New Orleans, southern Florida, Bangladesh and the Netherlands. Already sea level rise has increased to an inch per decade, thanks to melting ice and warm water expansion, according to Overpeck."

      " 'We need to start serious measures to reduce greenhouse gases within the next decade," Overpeck says. 'If we don't do something soon, we're committed to [13 to 20 feet] of sea level rise in the future.' " 03-06

  14. -11-12-06 U.N. Climate Conference Starts (MSNBC News)
      "An annual U.N. climate conference kicked off here Monday, with the United States defending its record and many of the 5,000 delegates mulling a new U.N. report that the continent of Africa is more vulnerable than earlier feared when it comes to warming." 11-06

  15. Australia Launches Climate Plans (BBC News)
      "Prime Minister John Howard announced an investment of A$500m (US$379m) in clean technology, much of which will look at reducing carbon emissions from coal." 12-06

  16. New Chinese Coal Plants Will Make Climate Change Almost Certain (BBC News)
      "Coal built China - and fuels its relentless growth today. Eighty per cent of China's electricity comes from coal, and there are plans for 544 new coal-fired power stations to meet an insatiable demand for energy."

      "Yet coal is a prime source of carbon dioxide - the global warming gas. If the power plants go ahead, it will be all but impossible to avoid dangerous climate change." 05-06

  17. Climate Report: Massive Extinctions Expected (MSNBC News)
      "A key element of the second major report on climate change being released Friday in Belgium is a chart that maps out the effects of global warming with every degree of temperature rise, most of them bad."

      "There’s one bright spot: A minimal heat rise means more food production in northern regions of the world."

      "However, the number of species going extinct rises with the heat, as does the number of people who may starve, or face water shortages, or floods, according to the projections in the draft report obtained by The Associated Press."

      "The final document will be the product of a United Nations network of 2,000 scientists as authors and reviewers, along with representatives of more than 120 governments as last-minute editors. It will be the second of a four-volume authoritative assessment of Earth’s climate released this year. The last such effort was in 2001." 03-07

  18. -04-06-07 Climate Change Will Hit the Poor the Hardest (PBS News)
      "The negotiations were long, stretching late into the night. This morning, scientists outlined a grim picture at a news conference." 04-07

  19. Climate Change Basics (BBC News)
      "Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main greenhouse gas of concern. A finite amount of carbon is stored in fossil fuels, the sea, living matter and the atmosphere."

      "Without human influence, transfers between these stores roughly balance each other – for example, plants absorb carbon as they grow, but release it as they decay."

      "But when humans cut down trees or burn fossil fuels, they release extra carbon into the atmosphere, increasing the greenhouse effect." 05-07

  20. -Study: Climate Problem the Top Concern Worldwide (USA Today)
      "Pollution and other environmental problems increasingly are seen as the leading threat the world faces, according to a massive survey of global public opinion released Wednesday. The United States is given much of the blame for those problems and the responsibility to respond to them."

      "In 34 countries, the proportion of those who said they had 'a lot of confidence' in Bush to 'do the right thing' was in single digits." 07-07

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