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Wetter Atmosphere

  1. -08-15-14 Study: Greenhouse Gases Causing Wetter Atmosphere (
      "This study was based on satellite data that measures the heat the earth is radiating back into space. That level has been dropping as the earth traps more of the sun's heat. This new study confirms what climate scientists have suspected, that a very large driver of Global Warming, water vapor in Upper-Troposphere in indeed increasing just as predicted."

      "As sunlight enters the atmosphere, a portion is immediately reflected back to space, but the rest penetrates the atmosphere and is absorbed by the earth's surface. This energy is then remitted by the earth back into atmosphere as long-wave radiation. Carbon dioxide and water molecules absorb this energy and emit much of it back towards the earth again. This delicate exchange of energy between the earth's surface and atmosphere keeps the average global temperature from changing drastically from year to year."

      "This study shows without a doubt that our activities as humans are changing the makeup of the upper atmosphere adding water vapor. That water vapor is heating our planet and in turn the heating adds more water vapor to the Upper-Troposphere in the mother of all feedback loops contributing to Global Warming." 08-14


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