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Feedback Loops

Melting Polar Ice Caps
Methane Gases
Methane from Oceans
Ocean Currents
Wetter Atmosphere

  1. -Ten Critical Feedback Loops (
      This is now the central issue for the scientific community: have humans already have gone too far, and may we now be helpless to stop abrupt and runaway global warming."

      "Triggering any one of these ten carbon sinks would cause runaway greenhouse warming. The triggering of any one of them would start off the others." 09-14

  2. Effects of a 3 Degree Increase of Temperature (The Economist)
      Describes the effcts of a 3 degree increase in global temprature. 07-22

  3. Release of Methane from the Arctic May Be an Extinction Level Event (
      "“The ice making up the Greenland Ice Sheet holds about the equivalent of 6-7 meters (~20 feet) of global sea level rise, and glaciological evidence makes clear that an order of approximately half of that melted during the last interglacial about 125,000 years ago, contributing significantly to the 4-8 meter rise in sea level at that time,” Dr. MacCracken said.

      "He pointed out that this rise was caused by a 1°C temperature increase, similar to the temperature increase Earth is experiencing right now (1.16°C above baseline)."

      “In reality, there are many critical feedback mechanisms and the interlocking effects between them means that the climate is far more unstable and irreversible than we are led to believe, and the climate’s change is likely to follow a super exponential progression once the temperature rises above a certain level.” According to the journlist writing this story, Dahr Jamail, we are currently facing the very real possibility of a major methane release in the Arctic. Such a release would be a catastrophe for the global climate — and the survival of humans and other species." 10-18


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