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Biochar Fuel

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  1. Biomass Fuels
  1. Generators for Kilns: Organic Rankine Cycle (
      "An ‘Organic Rankine Cycle’ turbine can be employed to convert, what would otherwise be ‘waste’ heat streams in many industrial processes, to electrical power for on-site use. Here, Riccardo Vescovo explains the processes and describes how his company is making electricity from ‘free’ fuel at industrial plants across Europe."

      Awesome Library does not endorse these products but provides them as an example. 06-09

  2. How Much Thermal Energy Does the Syngas Produce? (
      "This week, city counselors in Ottawa, Ontario, unanimously approved a new waste-to-energy facility that will turn 400 metric tons of garbage per day into 21 megawatts of net electricity--enough to power about 19,000 homes." In this scenario, it takes 19 metric tons of biomass to generate a megawatt of electricity. 06-09

  3. How Much Thermal Energy Does the Syngas Produce? (
      "The plant is converting 5 ton of DRY MSW to 2 ton (approx) of Charcoal."

      "At present the plant is not using the Gas. Gas, is burning in a Combustion Chamber & generating 1 MW of thermal power." 06-09

  1. Biochar and Energy Generation (
      "Frye is now producing a high quality biochar and has sold his first ton at a net price of $480 ($600 a ton for the char and $120 a ton transport costs) to a farmer in New Jersey who is testing its qualities for his crop of corn and soybeans." 06-09


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