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Biochar Economics

  1. -Biochar Economic Model (USFS)
      "A discounted cash flow analysis for a 10-year investment period revealed the mobile pyrolysis unit generates an after tax internal rate of return of 5.4%, an after tax net present value of -$138,000 (using a 7% net of inflation discount rate) and has a pay-back period of 9 years. The average annual revenue and after tax profit, was estimated at $1.45 million and $101,000, respectively. The findings from this preliminary economic analysis are encouraging. The model facilitates sensitivity analyses for all assumptions, and given uncertainty about the marketability of bio-char, it is interesting to note that at a delivered price of only $135/ton, the pyrolysis operation is not financially viable."

      "An economic model will also be developed to estimate and compare the fossil fuel consumption, and carbon and particulate matter emissions arising from production and consumption of biooil and bio-char from forest residues, relative to disposal of forest residues via in-woods burning and using fossil fuels to generate the equivalent amount of usable energy. 02-15

  2. -Biochar Economic Model (USFS)
      "This comparison gives a value of $64 - $78 of bio-oil produced per dry ton of biomass. The third product of pyrolysis is the solid bio-char and it is similarly valued by substitute market products. Bio-char can be sold for horticulture or barbeque charcoal at a value of ~$65 of bio-char per dry ton of biomass." 02-15

  3. -Pelleted Biochar for Plants in Nurseries (USFS)
      "We found that peat moss, amended with various ratios of pellets comprised of equal proportions of biochar and wood flour, generally had chemical and physical properties suitable for service as a substrate during nursery production of plants" 02-15

  4. -Replacing Vermiculite With Biochar in Potted Plants (USFS)
      "We conclude that biochar provides benefits equivalent to vermiculite in terms of key nutrient availability and total biomass productivity." 02-15


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