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Biochar Purchase

  1. Terra-Char Products (
      "Terra Char is the brand name of our quality biochar, which is made from ligneous biomass, and is known for its low moisture and high fixed carbon content. (>76%) These traits make Terra Char biochar ideal for use in agriculture." 10-18

Purchase Resources
  1. -Biochar (
      "At $47.95, including free shipping, our product is an unbeatable $1.37 per pound and a great value for a premium biochar blend. Approximate shipping weight is 35 lbs." 02-15

  2. Biochar (
      Cool Terra biochar is around $20 per box; a box contains 10 dry quarts. Awesome Library provides this resource as an example, not an endorsement.

  3. Biochar (
      Pure Biochar is around $100 per 50 pounds or $253 for 140 pounds. Awesome Library provides this resource as an example, not an endorsement.

  4. Biochar Brokers (
      "BioChar itself is backed by over 30 years of research and promises to drastically reduce greenhouse gasses, increase crop yields up to 400%, and provides new life to our ecosystem."

      Awesome Library does not endorse this product but provides it as an example. 05-09

  5. Biochar Sellers (
      Provides a list of sources of biochar.

  6. Buy Biochar (
      Provides biochar and biochar-compost blends. "Soil Reef™ Organic Compost and Blend is a rich combination of biochar, compost and worm castings that moisten and enrich soil with beneficial microbes and nutrients. The Soil Reef™ Organic Compost Blend is ready for immediate use and is easier to handle than the 100% biochar grade."

      Awesome Library does not recommend this product but provides it as an example. 07-12

  7. Buy Biochar Wholesale (
      Provides biochar in 4 sizes. 01-16

  8. What Is Biochar? (
      "Biochar is a charcoal product that is created as result of either Pyrolysis or Gasification. Simply put, biochar is created from a low- to no-oxygen burn (thermal conversion) of feedstock or biomass under intense pressure, returning it to carbon."

      EternaGreen sells 50-pound bags of biochar for $12.50. Awesome Library does not endorse the products but provides them as examples. 05-09


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