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No-Till Farming

  1. Healthy Soil an Antidote to Climate Change? (
      Asks the question: "Is healthy soil the low-tech solution to climate change through regenerative agriculture?" 06-2019

  1. No-Till Farming (No-Till Farmer)
      Provides news and articles. 06-2019

  2. No-Till Farming (
      "The Earth loses roughly 23 billion tons of fertile soil every year. At this rate, all fertile soil will be gone within 150 years, unless farmers convert to practices that restore and build soil organic matter, an essential component of soil fertility." 06-2019

  1. How Farmers Are Protecting Against Drought (
      "During the Dust Bowl era, tilling soil (or loosening it) was a common practice on farms, making the heavily tilled, loose soil more susceptible to literally turning to dust and blowing away when it became too dry. Approximately 35.5 percent of U.S. cropland (88 million acres) is currently planted without tilling (according to 2009 USDA numbers)." 09-12

  2. No-Till Farming (
      "The RTL Agronomy Library contains hundreds of articles from getting started in direct seeding to fine tuning no till systems. Topics include seeding equipment, residue management, weed control, crop rotations, soil quality and much more." 06-08

  3. No-Till Farming (
      "No-till farming is considered a kind of conservation tillage system and is sometimes called zero tillage. It is a way of growing crops from year to year without disturbing the soil through tillage. Once called chemical farming, the terminology was changed[who?] in order to promote the idea of no-till farming being more natural. It is becoming more common as researchers study its effects and farmers uncover its economic benefits." 06-08


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