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Biochar and Compost

  1. Results from Using Biochar with Compost (Green Your Head)
      "The primary purpose of this project was to see if we could combine two farm waste streams: woody debris and animal manure, in order to make valuable composts and organic fertilizers for use on the farm. We worked with eight farms and a large crew of volunteers and advisors to carry out multiple projects and experiments, making and using biochar, over the two and half year grant period. The project was developed and implemented by the Umpqua Biochar Education Team. UBET is a learning and sharing network of dedicated volunteers." 05-19

  2. Results from Using Biochar with Compost (MDPI Agronomy)
      "Four case studies on field-scale application of biochar, compost and biochar-blended compost were established and studied for three consecutive years in four distinct cropping systems and under different agro-climatic conditions in Europe."

      "All amendments were effective in increasing soil organic C in all the field trials. On average, the increase with respect to the control was about 11% for compost, 20% for biochar-blended compost, and 36% for biochar. The amendments also raised the pH by 0.150.50 units in acidic soils. " 05-19


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