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  1. Milestones of Ancient Egypt (Exploring Ancient World Cultures)
      Ancient Egyptian milestones from 3100 BCE to 305 BCE. 1-04

  2. Women Across Cultures (WWWomen)
      Provides a Directory and Search Engine related to women.

  3. Cultures of the World (Web of Culture)
      Provides resources on gestures, cuisine, language, religions, and more.

  4. Dying Cultures (National Geographic Society)
      Provides studies of three cultures on the edge of extinction, the the Ariaal of Kenya, the Chipaya of Bolivia, and the Penan of Malaysia. 7-99

  5. Peace Across Cultures (
      Provides information and highlights related to the video "Tutu and Franklin, A Journey Toward Peace." Includes discussions between Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Dr. John Hope Franklin. 2-01

  6. Myths - Ten Myths that Prevent Collaboration Across Cultures (Elliot, Adams, and Sockalingam)
      Provides false impressions that form a barrier to trust and respect across ethnic or cultural groups. 5-01

  7. Star Mythology and Constellations Across Cultures (SPARC)
      Provides mythologies of different cultures. 3-02

  8. Cultures - Marriage in Different Cultures (MiningCo. - Stritof)
      Provides articles about weddings and marriage in different cultures of the world.

  9. Ancient History and Philosophy (Multnomah County Library)
      Includes Vikings, Stone Age, and Ice Age, as well as the traditional cultures of the Aztecs, Egyptians, Greeks, Incas, Mayans, Mediterranean, Middle East, and Romans.

  10. Calendars (Mining Company - Gill)
      Provides links to calendars of different cultures.

  11. Stories and Fairy Tales - Whootie Owl's Stories (Lindy)
      Provides stories and fairy tales from different cultures. Organized by the themes of cooperation, courage, creative thinking, friendship, generousness, honesty, justice, kindness, learning, love, regret and recovery, respect for nature, self-awareness and selflessness. Also listed by type of story and the place of origin. Provides questions for children to answer about each story. 10-09

  12. Stories and Fairy Tales (Lindy)
      Provides sources of stories and fairy tales from different cultures. This is part of the Whootie Owl site. 10-99

  13. Native American Indian Resources (Giese)
      Provides sources of information on the cultures of Native Americans.

  14. Drums and Rhythm (Rhythmweb - Stuer)
      Provides a comprehensive starting point for studying drums and rhythm across cultures.

  15. Toolkit for Cross-Cultural Communication (Elliot, Adams, and Sockalingam)
      Provides results from research and focus groups to improve communication across cultures. Found very large differences in "expectations, styles, assumptions, values, body language, and privilege" between Anglo or European Americans and other ethnic groups. Suggests ways to improve communication and collaboration at an individual level and for organizations. 5-01

  16. Communication With Children in Other Countries (Friendship Through Education)
      President Bush asks that each child in America find a Muslim child in the Middle East to communicate with to improve understanding between our two cultures. This is the program he recommends. 10-01

  17. Images of Jesus Christ (
      Provides images of Christ from different traditions, including Byzantine, African American, European, Middle Eastern, and more. Although Jesus was born in the Middle East, artists from different cultures created images that reflect their own views of Christ. Icons may include a variety of formats, such as paintings, stained glass, and other graphics. 3-02

  18. Essay - Need for a Culture of Compromise ( - Heggy)
      "A few years ago, I discovered that there is no equivalent in the Arabic language, classical or colloquial, for the English word 'compromise', which is most commonly translated into Arabic in the form of two words, literally meaning ‘halfway solution’."

      "As language is not merely a tool of communication but the depositary of a society’s cultural heritage, reflecting its way of thinking and the spirit in which it deals with things and with others, as well as the cultural trends which have shaped it, I realized that we were here before a phenomenon with cultural (and, consequently, political, economic and social) implications."

      Heggy argues that "compromise is the strongest product of nature, life and the march of civilizations and cultures, while a rigid refusal to consider the merits of anyone else’s opinion and to insist on obtaining all one’s demands runs counter to the logic of science, nature, humanity, culture and civilization." 11-02

  19. Ancient Native Americans (Viewzone)
      Provides a description of ancient Native American cultures of southwestern USA, such as the Anasazi, Mongollon and Hohokam.

  20. Multicultural Legends and Myths (Tim Sheppard) star
      Provides sources of stories and legends from many cultures. 8-05

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