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The Weather


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Lesson Plans
  1. Clouds - Create a Cloud (Windows on the Universe)
      Provides a lesson. 2-03

  2. Earth Sciences - Create a Magnetometer (Windows on the Universe)
      Provides a lesson. 2-03

  3. Fog - Create a Fog (Windows on the Universe)
      Provides a lesson. 2-03

  4. Thermometer - Create a Thermometer (Windows on the Universe)
      Provides a lesson. 2-03

  5. Tornadoes - Create a Tornado (Windows on the Universe)
      Provides a lesson. 2-03

  6. Wind (
      Provides comprehensive coverage of the wind.

  1. Weather World Forecasts (CAG Enterprises)
      Provides sources of weather information.

  1. Weather Icons (The Weather Underground)
      Provides a small icon with today's temperature for several large cities.

  2. Wind Chill Chart (USA Today)
      "The wind chill index combines the temperature and wind speed to tell you how cold the wind makes it 'feel.' Even though the chill is given as a temperature, it's not really a different kind of temperature."

  1. A Guide to Weather Technology (USA Today)
      Provides sources of information on weather technology.

  2. Giant Blue Jets in the Sky Filmed ( - Clarke)
      "Video images captured in Puerto Rico suggest that blue flashes of light, much like lightning, feed energy from thunderstorms up into the Earth's ionosphere - a blanket of electrically charged air some 70 kilometres above the ground." 3-02

  3. Guide to Weather Forecasting (USA Today)
      Provides sources of information on how weather forecasting is done.

  4. Microbes May Help to Control the Weather (CNN)
      Summarizes a study to determine if microbes help to control the weather. 5-02

  5. Sunrise and Sunset Times (
      Provides the times for sunrise and sunset.

  6. Weather Basics (Levine)
      Explains basic tools for recording the weather, such as the barometer, thermometer, psychrometer, and more. 1-02

  7. What Causes the Seasons? (MSNBC News)
      "The ability to predict the seasons by tracking the rising and setting points of the sun throughout the year was key to survival in ancient times. Babylonians, Mayans and other cultures developed complex systems for monitoring seasonal shifts. But it took centuries more to unravel the science behind the seasons." 09-06

  1. -Rain in the USA (USA Today) star
  2. -Temperatures World Wide (USA Today) star
  3. Weather USA Forecasts by City (National Weather Service)
  4. Weather USA Forecasts by City (USA Today)
      Provides weather reports. 10-09

  5. Weather USA and Wordwide Forecasts by City (
  6. Weather World Forecasts (NOAA)
  7. Weather Worldwide Forecasts by City (USA Today)
      Provides weather by city globally. 11-01

  8. Weather for Pilots
  1. The Earthstorm Project (Oklahoma Climatological Survey)
      Provides weather information for K-12 teachers and students.


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