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Earth Sciences

Alternative Fuels
Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics
Global Warming
Magnetic Field
Mountains and Volcanoes
The Weather

Also Try
  1. Ancient History
  2. Dinosaurs and Fossils
  3. Geography
  4. Paleontology
  1. Ask the Earth Scientist
Lesson Plans
  1. Rainbows (
      Provides lessons about rainbows. 04-10

  2. Wind (
      Provides comprehensive coverage of the wind.

  1. Avalanches (Open School - Wighton)
      Provides sources of information on avalanches.

  2. Earth Sciences Resources (Science Educators Web Resources Supersite)
      Provides 8 annotated resources in the earth sciences.

  3. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network)
  4. Forestry Reference Resources (Smith)
  1. Earth From Space - Close-up (Terraserver - Microsoft)
      Provides a close-up view of most spots on earth, including your own house.

  2. Longitude and Latitude by City (Fourmilab)
      Provides a picture of the Earth over major cities of the world and includes the longitude and latitude. 12-02

  3. Times for Sunrise and Sunset in the USA (USA Today)
  4. Topography Maps of the USA (NOAA National Data Centers)
      Provides a topography map of the United States and also maps by state. 2-01

  1. Caves (National Caves Association)
  2. Geologic Time (Newman)
      Provides articles on geologic time, the age of the earth, relative time scale, major divisions of geologic time, an index of fossils, and radiometric time.

  3. Geological Periods of Time (Collins, Guralnik, and Speer)
      Provides a visual represention of the different geological periods in terms of millions of years ago (mya).

  4. Greenhouse Effect - Green Planet (NOVA)
  5. Ice Age - Annotated Links (NOVA)
  6. Ice Age - Causes (NOVA)
  7. Records in Geography (
      Provides a listing of the biggest, smallest, and other records for lakes, mountains, and similar geographic milestones. 7-01

  8. Records in Geography (
      Provides a listing of the biggest, smallest, and other records for lakes, mountains, and similar geographic milestones. 7-01

  9. USA Today Earth Sciences for Teachers
  1. National Geographic for Kids (National Geographic Society)
      Provides articles and activities of interest to kids. 2-00

  1. Maps - Relief Map of the Earth (NASA - Jet Propulsion Lab)
      Provides directions for making a relief map of the earth by using clay or dough. 3-00

  2. Sailing Technology (GOALS)
      "This section contains learning projects and hands-on activities that explore technological advances in many areas related to sailing. Here you can learn about the science that makes long distance sailing and navigation possible." 5-00

  3. Science Projects ( - Dirtmeister)
      "Get your hands on science with a fun experiment from the Dirtmeister and make science come alive in your classroom!" 07-06

  1. Challenging Travels (GOALS)
      Provides the stories of individuals and families who have taken on extreme challenges, such as pedaling around the world or kayaking around New Zealand. 5-00

  3. Hoover Dam

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