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Arctic Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
Southern Ocean

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  1. Oceans Research, College and Professional Levels (
      Provides links to organizations conducting research on the oceans and marine life. 05-07

  2. Oceans Research, College and Professional Levels (
      Provides links to organizations conducting research on the oceans and marine life. 05-07

  1. A History of Modern Pirates (
      "Today's pirates pursue their prey with outboard motors instead of oars and tote rocket-propelled grenades instead of cutlasses." 11-08

  2. Antarctic Waters Yield Hundreds of Species (MSNBC News)
      "Carnivorous sponges, blind creepy-crawlies adorned with hairy antennae and ribbed worms are just some of the new characters found to inhabit the dark abysses of the Southern Ocean, an alien abode once thought devoid of such life."

  3. Cause of "Ocean Smell" Determined (MSNBC News)
      "The smell comes from a gas produced by genes recently identified by researchers in ocean-dwelling bacteria." 01-07

  4. Indian Ocean (
      "The Indian Ocean is the third-largest body of water in the world, covering about 20% of the Earth's water surface." 10-04

  5. Largest Marine Conservation Site Ever Established (CNN News)
      "Nine sites in the central Pacific will be set as sanctuaries for marine life and bases of research for scientists, President Bush said Tuesday."

      "The sites, designated in three regions of the central Pacific, will make up the largest expanse of ocean set aside for marine conservation in the world: 195,280 square miles." 01-09

  6. Largest Survey of Ocean Life Is Completed (CNN News)
      "The planet's seas and oceans are richer and more diverse than scientists suspected, the biggest survey of marine life has revealed -- but many mysteries remain."

      "The Census of Marine Life, which announced its full findings Monday, has taken 10 years to complete, employing 2,700 scientists from 80 nations. The $650 million study surveyed from the coldest waters to the warmest lagoons, from the smallest microbes to the largest cetaceans."

      "It even looked at life 10,000 meters (6.2 miles) down in the Marianas Trench southeast of Japan." 10-10

  7. Largest Survey of Ocean Life Is Completed (Wall Street Journal)
      "The census is part of a wider push by scientists to create free, online digital libraries of biological data about life on earth. The marine data, for example, will feed into the Encyclopedia of Life project, an effort to document all 1.8 million named species on earth. There's also an International Barcode of Life project assembling DNA barcodes for all multi-cellular organisms."

      "Scientists intend to use such digital libraries to study biodiversity on a planet-wide level, just as different types of meteorological data are pooled and used to predict weather. Spurring the efforts is a new field known as biodiversity informatics, which uses sophisticated computer techniques to sift and analyze data in novel ways."

      "Since it began, data from the marine census has yielded some 2,700 scientific papers. One significant study published July, in the journal Nature, found a strong link between rising sea temperatures and the decline of marine algae, the basis of the oceans' food chain. Another census-based study in Nature found that warmer seas can hurt marine diversity, potentially rearranging the global distribution of ocean life." 10-10

  8. Ocean Sounds (OceanLink)
      Describes ocean sounds and how they are made. Includes whale songs and dialects. 02-06

  9. Oceans (
      Provides information on five oceans. 10-04


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