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Elementary Literature

Legends and Myths
Rowling, J K

Also Try
  1. -eBooks by Title
  2. Involving Students
  3. MIddle and High School Literature
  1. -Books Online by Title (Infomotions)
      Provides hundreds of works of American literature.

  2. Aesop's Fables (Bartleby)
      Provides the entire text of Aesop's Fables. 6-02

  3. Barrie, James M. - Peter Pan (Infomotions)
      Provides online text. 6-02

  4. Books for Children and Teens (Children's Literature Web Guide - Brown)
      Provides an alphabetic list of classics available online, by author. 11-01

  5. Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland (Infomotions)
      Provides online text of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. 6-02

  6. Carroll, Lewis - Through the Looking Glass (Infomotions)
      Provides online text. 6-02

  7. Classics for Young People (Brown)
      Provides the entire texts of books. 6-02

  8. Don Quixote - Saavedra, Miguel de Cervantes (
      Provides Part I of the book. 6-02

  9. Don Quixote - Saavedra, Miguel de Cervantes (Gavilan College)
      Provides Part 2 of the book. 10-04

  10. Ghost Forest Books (
      Provides 6 interactive books for children. Uses PDF format. Editor's Note - These books were originally written in Bulgarian and do have some misspelled words in the English format. 12-03

  11. Grimm - Cinderella
      Provides a dozen versions of this classic story with text and pictures.

  12. Illustrated Children's Books (
      Provides dozens of illustrated children's books free online. Some of the books are available in several languages. 7-04

  13. Kipling, Rudyard - How the Leopard Got Its Spots (University of Virginia Library - Electronic Text Center)
      Provides the entire text. 6-02

  14. Kipling, Rudyard - Kim (Bibliomania)
      Provides the text of the book online. "Kim is Rudyard Kipling’s most enduringly successful serious novel. It was published in 1901 and is the story of the orphaned son of a soldier in the Irish regiment." 6-02

  15. Prize-Winning Books Online (Ockerbloom)
      Provides the complete text of prize-winning books online. Most of the books are in the public domain because their copyrights have expired. In other words, they are older books.

  16. Swift, Jonathan - Gulliver's Travels (Jaffe)
      Provides the entire text and illustrations. 6-02

  17. Wiggin, Kate Douglas - Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (University of Virginia Library - Electronic Text Center)
      Provides the entire text. 6-02

Lesson Plans
  1. -Teacher Guides on Literature (Pro
      Provides guides by book or story title. 10-10

  2. Short Stories for Children (
      Provides short stories with "early America" pictures to illustrate. 03-13

  1. -Children's Literature Web Guide star
  2. Best Books for Children by Age Level (
      Provides the National Education Association's pick of the 100 best books for children. 2-04

  3. Books Online (Ockerbloom)
      Provides the complete text of 14,000 books online. Search by title, author, or subject.

  4. Children's Literature (Lycos)
      Provides sources of information on hundreds of works, by type. 6-02

  5. Children's Picture Books Search - Preschool to Grade 3 (Miami University - Ubbes and Millard)
      Children's Picture Book Database at Miami University provides short descriptions of over 4000 picture books for children through a search by keyword, subject, author or title. Does not provide the books or pictures of the books.

  6. Children's Stories Collection
      Provides stories. 10-09

  7. Literature for Young Adults (Lycos)
      Provides sources of information about literature for young adults. 6-02

  8. Stories and Fairy Tales (Lindy)
      Provides sources of stories and fairy tales from different cultures. This is part of the Whootie Owl site. 10-99

  1. -Awesome Library Browser for Children (
      Awesome Library Browser for Children (ALBC) provides homes, libraries, and schools with a minimalist but effective method of keeping K-6 children from being exposed to hard core adult sites--without the use of censorship lists.

      Instead of using lists, Awesome Library Browser for Children looks for a designation that virtually all hard core adult Web sites put on their Web pages so they can be found by search engines. It happens to be a designation that other sites do not use. ALBC also offers "green space" to ensure that children can find what they need easily.

  2. Awesome Talking Library (Awesome Library) star
      Converts online text into spoken words through the Awesome Talkster program. Awesome Talkster has one of the clearest synthesized voices on the Web.

      Converting online text into speech has many uses. For example, Talkster can speak online stories or books to children while an adult supervises. The voice can be put in "Boy" or "Girl" mode to add a character with a bubble over his or her head. The bubble will show each word as it is spoken and the voice can be put on "slow" for your child to follow. Talkster can thereby assist your child in learning how to pronounce words while reading.

      Talkster is also useful for adults. It can speak news articles to you in one open browser while you are searching for information in another browser window.

      For persons with visual impairments or poor coordination, Talkster can be navigated with keystrokes.

      The Web can be navigated using a version of Awesome Library in a different language, such as Spanish, while using a voice for that language that is available through the Awesome Talkster. Links to different language versions of the Awesome Library are available at the bottom of most Awesome Library pages. Links to free voices for different languages can be found on the Awesome Talking Library's help page. 9-02

  3. Online Children's Stories
  4. Puppetry Home Page
  5. Story Resources available on the Web 10-99
  1. IPL Story Hour With Sound (Internet Public Library)
      Provides nine stories. 12-04

  1. -Recommended Literature (University of Missouri)
      "This resource is a compilation of booklist web sites for elementary school students. The lists were compiled by teachers, librarians, and students. Some of the lists are divided by grade level, readability, or genre. There are also links to eThemes resources on various literature awards and literature genres." 10-10

  2. Book Reviews by Reading Level (Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County - BookHive)
      Provides reviews of books for children, including younger children. 5-00

  3. Kipling - Rudyard: How the Leopard Got His Spots
      Provides the story. 10-09

  4. Multicultural Book Reviews (Mele)
      Provides reviews organized by ethnic group. Provides title author, publisher, date, illustrations, ethnic group, protaganist sex, genre, review, grade level, and then a reviewer's grade for the book. Mostly contains books at the middle and high school levels. 2-00

  5. O Henry - The Gift of the Magi
      Provides links to definitions for key difficult words. No pictures are provided.

  6. Old Indian Legends (University of Virginia Library)
      Provides 14 legends involving animals. 10-09

  7. Reviews of Children's Books (
      Reviews children's books by title, topic, or grade level. 09-09

  8. Stories (Aaron Shepard)
      Includes folktales, hero tales, sacred tales, legends, original tales, beginner tales, and grown-up tales.

  9. Stories and Fairy Tales - Whootie Owl's Stories (Lindy)
      Provides stories and fairy tales from different cultures. Organized by the themes of cooperation, courage, creative thinking, friendship, generousness, honesty, justice, kindness, learning, love, regret and recovery, respect for nature, self-awareness and selflessness. Also listed by type of story and the place of origin. Provides questions for children to answer about each story. 10-09

  10. Winnie-the-Pooh - Stories and Graphics (LavaSurfer)
      Provides modern and classic graphics, characters, stories, and more. Visitors sometimes spell as Winnie the Pooh. 8-02

  11. Winnie-the-Pooh Characters (LavaSurfer)
      Provides a description and drawing of each character, such as Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Christopher Robin, and other friends. Visitors sometimes spell as Winnie the Pooh. 8-02

  1. Galaxy (Weekly Reader)
  2. Readers Digest World
  3. Stone Soup Magazine of Children's Works
  1. Puppet Show Rubric (Rubistar)
      Provides printable forms and selectable content for creating rubrics to evaluate preparation and presentation. 5-01

  2. Stories and Theater (Shepard)
      Provides Reader's Theater Editions, multicultural stories that can be performed by children or simply read. 2-00

Purchase Resources
  1. Books - New and Bargain Books (
      Searches a large inventory of books that may be purchased online. 12-99

  2. Books - New and Bargain Books (Barnes and Noble)
      Searches a large inventory of books that may be purchased online. 12-99

  3. Books - Sources (Awesome Library)
      Provides search engines for books from, Powell's, and Barnes and Noble.


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