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  1. Anasazi (
      "In the first half of their history, the Anasazi distinguished themselves primarily through the artistry of their basketry, which they crafted from the fibers of plants. In the second half, they left their mark on a much grander scale, through the construction of perhaps the most stunning prehistoric communities in the United States. The Anasazi would prove be resourceful, adaptable and, ultimately, the most enduring of the Pueblo cultural traditions."

  2. Ancient Native Americans (Viewzone)
      Provides a description of ancient Native American cultures of southwestern USA, such as the Anasazi, Mongollon and Hohokam.

  3. Desert Archaic Peoples - Spiritual Quest (
      "If the Desert Archaic Indians left numerous tangible clues which indicate how they fed, clothed, housed and even adorned themselves over time, they left no more than some symbols representational and abstract images painted or scribed on stone that only suggest how they nurtured their souls and communicated their thoughts. We can, however, infer with reasonable confidence that the Desert Archaic Indians led a profound and complex spiritual life. That is a common thread woven through hunting, gathering and early farming traditions across the earth."


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