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Ancient Native Americans


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  1. Ancient Mexican Cave Paintings (EIN News - The Independent)
      "The 4,926 paintings were discovered in 11 different sites and are thought to have been created by at least three groups of hunter gatherers." 05-13

  2. Ancient Native Americans (Crow Canyon Archaeological Center - Connelly, Fee, and Kelly)
      Provides a history of the Castle Rock Pueblo Indians. 6-02

  3. Ancient Native Americans - Daily Life (Donn) star
      Provides information on the daily lives of the ancient Iroquois, Anasazi, Pacific Coastal, Ojibwa/Chippewa, Pueblo, Inuits, Cherokee, Hopi, Far North, Seminole, Apache, Incas, Plains People, Navajo, Mayas, Sioux, California, and Aztecs.


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