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    Lesson Plans
    1. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (PBS - WGBH)
        Provides a guide for teaching this controversial novel about life in the 1800's.

    2. Coming of Age in Ethnic America (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)
        Provides 8 lessons related to ethnic experiences within the USA.

    3. Diversity - How Student Diversity Contributes to Learning (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)
        Provides 10 lessons showing how student diversity contributes to learning.

    4. Grades 10 - 12 - Arctic Circle (Virtual Classroom)
        Provides an opportunity to critically examine - and challenge - some to the premises of cultural research, using a population within the Arctic Circle as a case study.

    5. Hispanic and Latino Culture Through Children's Literature (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)
        Provides three lesson plans to support appreciation of Hispanic and Latino culture, primarily for students with a Hispanic or Latino heritage.

    6. Holocaust - Teaching Guidelines for Grades K - 4 (Florida Center for Instructional Technology)
        Provides guidelines for teaching topics that lead up to discussion of the holocaust in the eighth grade through high school. Sometimes misspelled as holacaust, holacost, or holocost.

    7. Invisible Man (PBS - Andersson)
        Provides a lesson on the book, Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison, to better understand the personal feeling of invisibility. For grades 11-12.

    8. Multiculturalism and the Law (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)
        Provides 15 lessons related to equity, the law, and the role of culture.

    9. Race and Representation in American Cinema (Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute)
        Provides 14 lessons related to representation, and misrepresentation, in American cinema.

    10. Self-Esteem (Stewart Resources Centre Materials)
        Provides resources for teaching self-esteem, using Anglo-American or Canadian values.

    11. Self-Esteem - Kindergarten Level (Anderson, Hopkins, Short, Steele)
        Provides many lessons to improve self-esteem and self understanding. Standards based.

    12. Self-Esteem Resources (CLS)
        Provides resources for teaching self-esteem in the classroom.

    13. Self-Esteem and Identity (Hampton)
        Provides lessons on identity and self-esteem. An Anglo-American perspective.

    14. Self-Esteem and Problem Solving (Kent State)
        Provides lessons on self-esteem and problem solving. An Anglo-American perspective.

    15. Understanding Differences (PBS)
        Provides a lesson on cultural differences within the classroom to help students better understand the variety of views that different cultures present.

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