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  1. Equity (for Same-Sex Marriage Issues)
  1. -Study: Choice of Words Can Seriously Influence Health (USA Today)
      "The blood tests revealed people who used words that reflect thoughtfulness limited the rise in the damaging proteins, so there was added health protection for participants who choose the right words in conversing with their partner."

      "If the woman used thoughtful words, it did reduce the rise in cytokines in the man, but if the man used the right words, it didn't affect the woman, she added. It's not clear why, although as many researchers have noted in the past, women are different from men."

      "OK, so the research shows that if you keep your cool, don't use inflammatory language, and run your comments through a bit of cognitive processing -- in other words, think about the words you use -- you can emerge from a fight with your lover better equipped to deal with some really serious health issues. But can people really do that, especially while discussing a contentious issue?" 11-09

  2. Average Cost of a Wedding in the United States (
      "The price of weddings has jumped to a new all-time high, reaching an average $31,213 in 2014, new research says." 03-15

  3. Characteristics of a Healthy of Marriage (MSNBC News)
      "To find out what was the secret to a long and happy marriage, Boggs and his friend, Jason Miller, traveled 12,000 miles around the U.S. to talk to what they call the “Marriage Masters,” couples who have been married 40 years or more. In their new book, “Project Everylasting,” Boggs and Miller share advice from the happy couples. "

      They provide seven guidelines, including the "discipline of respect." 06-07

  4. Cultures - Marriage in Different Cultures (MiningCo. - Stritof)
      Provides articles about weddings and marriage in different cultures of the world.

  5. Dealing With Unequal Desire (
      "A recent study suggests that marriage provides a greater psychological boost to depressed people than to happy people, even if the marriage is so-so." 06-07

  6. Health Benefits of Love and Romance (U.S. News)
      "Just a little of that human touch, in the words of Bruce Springsteen, stirs the soul, soothes the brain, and gives you a health boost as well—particularly if you skip the heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and go for the simple hug or caress." 02-09

  7. Housing for Compatibility (CNN News)
      "A house might not be able to save a marriage, but it sure can strain one. Here are some ways to turn your love nest into a happily-ever-after house." 06-09

  8. How to Get Along Alone Together (BBC News)
      "Explorer Deborah Shapiro, who spent more than a year with her husband in the Antarctic, provides some marital survival tips."

      "One has to be able to give the other person mental elbow room. During our winter, when a person settled into the sofa in the salon with a book and started reading, he or she was not interrupted."

      "Keeping quiet when the person is close enough to practically read one's thoughts, is a matter of self-discipline, fuelled by caring." 03-13

  9. Marriage (MiningCo. - Stritof)
      Provides articles on marriage, including celebration of marriage, success and marriage, tests on compatibility, and much more.

  10. Marriage Therapy: Pre-Empting Trouble (USA Today)
      "Although Dr. Córdova and colleagues are still tallying the data, preliminary findings show that couples who take part in the program do experience improvements in marital quality. By working with couples before they are unhappy, the checkup identifies potentially “corrosive” behaviors and helps couples make small changes in communication style before their problems spiral out of control." 06-10

  11. Predictors of a Successful Marriage (CNN News)
      "There are two key predictors of a resilient relationship, experts say: mutual support and a willingness to sacrifice. In a recent study of newlyweds who became first-time parents, Gottman found that two-thirds suffered sharp drops in happiness during their child's infancy, under the strain of new parenthood. But for one-third of couples, the experience was cohesive and increased intimacy. Gottman says he could predict which couples would blossom under stress: those in whom, years before, he had observed better communication and more mutual support." 06-09

  12. Relationship Between Sex and Health (
      "Most people are aware of the health benefits that come with having sex. After all – sex is, in fact, exercise, and everyone can appreciate the fact that burning calories while enjoying sex is like a packaged deal. However, studies suggest that there are even more benefits that come with sex, beyond a healthier heart." 02-13

  13. Stages of Marriage (MiningCo. - Stritof)
      Provides articles related to the stages of marriage marriage, such as engagement.

  14. Study: Long-Distance Relationships Can Be Good (
      "Don’t feel so bad for couples who live apart. Absence, according to the latest research, does make the heart grow fonder — as long as there’s video-chat, IMing, telephones or texting."

      "About 3 million spouses in the U.S. live far each away from each other, even though they’d prefer to live together, and the new study, published in the Journal of Communication, found that the separation did not have such a negative effect on their relationships." 08-17

  15. Study: The Keys to a Happy Relationship (
      "If couples were paying any attention during the last few decades, they should be able to recite the one critical ingredient for a healthy relationship — communication. But the latest study shows that other skills may be almost as important for keeping couples happy."

      "Not surprisingly, those who reported communicating more effectively showed the highest satisfaction with their relationships. But the next two factors — which were also the only other ones with strong links to couple happiness—were knowledge of partner (which included everything from knowing their pizza topping preferences to their hopes and dreams) and life skills (being able to hold a job, manage money, etc)." 08-17

  16. Study: Marriage Is Helpful for Persons With Depression (MSNBC News)
      "A recent study suggests that marriage provides a greater psychological boost to depressed people than to happy people, even if the marriage is so-so." 06-07

  17. Study: Sharing Chores Seen as Important in Marriage (Time Magazine)
      "In a 1990 World Values Survey, children ranked third in importance among the same items, with 65 percent saying children were very important to a good marriage. Just 41 percent said so in the new Pew survey."

      "Chore-sharing was cited as very important by 62 percent of respondents, up from 47 percent in 1990." 07-07

  18. Successful Marriage (MiningCo. - Stritof)
      Provides articles and tips related to successful marriage.

  19. Teen Marriage (MiningCo. - Stritof)
      Provides articles related to teen marriage.


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