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      "Clumsy as the walrus appears to be on land and ice, the animal is a majestic and extremely formidable creature in the water. The Inuits have learned this from experience -- more than one hunter has been attacked in the water from below and dragged to his death in a crushing embrace." 10-07

  2. Walruses (
      "Walruses generally breathe at the surface for about one minute after every five to eight minutes of subsurface activity. Walruses can remain submerged for as long as ten minutes."

  3. Walruses (
      "Walruses are immediately recognizable due to their prominent tusks, whiskers and great bulk; adult Pacific males can weigh up to two tons (4,400 lbs). Among pinnipeds they are exceeded in size only by the elephant seal. They play a prominent role in the arctic marine ecosystem and in the cultures and diets of many indigenous Arctic peoples. In the 19th and early 20th century, walruses were the objects of heavy commercial exploitation for blubber and ivory. Their global population has since rebounded, though the Atlantic sub-population remains fragmented and at historically depressed levels." 10-07


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