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  1. Getting Internet
  1. -11-11-09 Ten Technology Must-Have's for College (U.S. News)
      "The holidays are a great time to load up on new technology. What college student wouldn’t love a special gift selected especially for him or her?" 11-09

  2. Compare Wireless Phone Service Plans (
      Provides comparisons of digital and analog wireless phone services by region. Also compares wireless phones. 9-00

  3. Comparison of CPU Performance (
      Compares performance of the P4 to the Xeon cpu's. "The new processor Intel released for dual-processor systems is rather successful." "But you should be aware of the fact that it makes no sense to build uni-processor systems on the Xeon. Performance of uni-processor computers on the Xeon and Pentium 4 is the same, while the Xeon+i860 platform is much more expensive. At the same time, a dual-processor system based on the Xeon is almost twice faster as compared with the Pentium 4 'Northwood' of the same frequency." 9-04

  4. Comparison of Computer Hardware (
      Provides comparisons by model, price, and other criteria. 6-01

  5. Flash-Based Hard Drives (MSNBC News)
      "SanDisk Corporation has introduced a 32GB, 1.8-inch solid-state drive (SSD) which is built to be a drop-in replacement for standard mechanical hard disk drives. This means the device has no moving parts." 01-07

  6. Graphics Accelerators - Most Popular (ZDNet)
      Lists ZDNet's most popular graphics cards. 4-03

  7. Inkjet Printers and the Cost of Ink (CBS News)
      "Kodak isn't the only printer company with economical ink. I recently tested one of Hewlett Packard's Officejet Pro 7000 line of multi-function devices, which start at $299.99 and yield 2,350 black pages on one $35 ink cartridge."

      "That's about 1.5 cents a page which is actually cheaper than most laser printers. These HP printers are incredibly good for both black and color business documents. They can print glossy photos, but this line of printers aren't optimized for this purpose and don't have a special tray for 4 by 6 photo paper." 07-07

  8. Internet and Computer Technology Definitions (
      Provides a dictionary and search engine. 11-04

  9. Lockup of Hardware on Microsoft's XP Version (ZDNet - Wilcox)
      Describes the conditions under which Microsoft's XP version of Windows or Office will lockup in order for Microsoft to prevent piracy of the software. If many changes are made to your computer hardware, it may cause your system to suddenly lockup. In order to get it to unlock, you will need to get a one-time 44 digit code from Microsoft and also use your original CD to install the fix. 6-01

  10. Merchant Evaluations (
      Provides reviews of merchants selling electronic equipment and computers. 7-03

  11. Network System for Home - Netgear Kit Review (Hardware Maniac)
      Provides a review and instructions on installing a network kit at home. 10-00

  12. Nvidia Spends Billions on a Graphics Card (
      "Read that again: The GTX 1080 has twice the graphics-crunching brawn of the world’s most formidable consumer GPU, using one-third the electrical power, for roughly half the cost." 05-16

  13. Palm or PDA Handheld Computers (
      Provides comparisons and suggestions to help in the purchase of a hand held computer. 6-01

  14. Reviews for Printers (CNET)
      Provides reviews and prices for printers.

  15. Servers (
      Provides servers for Web hosting.

  1. eBay Auctions - Drop Off Points (
      Provides drop offs for eBay auction items. Awesome Library does not endorse these services but provides them as an example.

Purchase Resources
  1. Computer Systems (
      Provides computer systems and accessories. Awesome Library does not endorse these products, but includes them as examples of what is available. 12-01

  2. Computers (
      Provides computers and computer parts. Awesome Library does not endorse these products, but provides them as an example. 6-04

  3. Computers Systems and Accessories (
      Provides computer systems and accessories. Does not charge for handling or shipping on some products. Awesome Library does not endorse this vendor, but provides it as an example. 1-03

  4. Memory - RAM (
      Provides quality memory for your PC. 7-03

  5. Prices for Basic Components (
      Provides prices for key components of a computer, such as CPU. 7-03

  6. Prices for Computers and Peripherals (
      Provides prices for discounted items and more. 7-03

  7. Refurbished Computers (CNet)
      Sells refurbished computers. 6-03


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