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Cell Phones

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  • -02-07-08 Association Found Between Cell Phone Use and Sperm Count (MSNBC News)
      "Spending hours on a cell phone each day may affect the quality of a man’s sperm, preliminary research suggests." 02-08

  • -02-10-09 Cell Phones in Planes (ABC News)
      "Both Delta and American use Aircell's in-flight Internet service to turn their aircraft into flying Wi-Fi hotspots. But though Aircell is capable of enabling voice services, it says consumer preference is as much of a hurdle right now as the cell phone ban."

      "Rick Seaney, CEO of and airline industry columnist, agreed that hard evidence backing up the ban is scarce."

      " 'People hate it, but it's money for the airlines,' he said. 'The bottom line is it's going to be on airlines in the next four to five years.' " 02-09

  • -02-10-09 Study: Cell Phones No Longer a Hospital Danger? (ABC News)
      "In 2007, researchers at the Rochester, Minn.-based Mayo Clinic published one of the first reports to dispel the widespread notion that cell phones negatively affect patient care equipment." 02-09

  • -02-17-09 Universal Cell Phone Chargers Planned (CNN News)
      "Cell phone makers Tuesday pledged to end one of modern life's chief frustrations --- and introduce a universal charger for handsets by 2012."

      "Under the scheme, phone makers have pledged that a majority of new handset models will include the universal charger by January 1 2012. The planned device will use a micro USB plug." 02-09

    1. Audiovox Thera Pocket PC Phone (
        Describes the pocket PC. 7-03

    2. Best Cell Phones (
        Describes best 5 cell phones according to Eric Bernatchez, the reviewer. 04-06

    3. Cell Phone Charger: CAllpod Fueltank (
        "The Callpod Fueltank is easy to use and portable. It delivers a solid charge to a wide range of devices." 01-09

    4. Cell Phone Reviews (
        Provides reviews of most of the popular phones. 7-03

    5. Cell Phone Reviews (
        Provides reviews of most of the popular phones. 7-03

    6. Cell Phone Selector (
        Provides 5 questions to then recommend phones selected by Eric Bernatchez, the reviewer. 04-06

    7. Cell Phone Services Reviews (
        Compares cell phone plans and quality of coverage. 07-08

    8. Connection Between Cell Phone and Pocket PC - Benefits (
        "Our conclusion: Using a phone as your notebook's modem is not only worth considering, it's a real improvement over using any modem with your PDA." 7-03

    9. Customer Reviews of Cell Phones (
        Provides reviews by customers. 7-03

    10. Making 3D Images on Your Cell Phone (
        "Capturing an object in three dimensions needn't require the budget of Avatar. A new cell phone app developed by Microsoft researchers can be sufficient. The software uses overlapping snapshots to build a photo-realistic 3-D model that can be spun around and viewed from any angle." 03-11

    11. Micro USB Connector (
        "Adapter to allow EMU chargers to plug into and charge Micro USB devices. (Male micro USB to female EMU receptacle.)" Awesome library does not endorse these devices but provides them as examples. 11-08

    12. Micro USB Connectors (Time Magazine)
        "The micro USB standard is new on the scene; the first cell phone we've seen that use it is the Motorola RAZR2. The plugs and sockets are smaller than the commonly used mini USB standard, which means that phones can be thinner and smaller. Fewer sockets also means smaller phones; the micro USB connector can be used for power, data and connecting headphones. What a reccomendation like this could mean is that you may not need to buy new chargers, data cables and headsets when you upgrade a cell phone; if the old and the new one both have micro USB ports, your existing chargers, cables and headsets would work on both." 11-08

    13. Micro USB to USB Connector (
        Provides a micro USB to standard USB cord, a USB charger, and a USB car charger that fit with the cord. Can be used to connect a micro USB device to a USB port of a computer. Awesome library does not endorse these devices but provides them as examples. 11-08

    14. Phone Modems - Verizon LG VX4400 Smart Phone Review (
        Describes one of the best cell phones for use with the Internet. The phone can operate as a wireless modem for your pocket PC or laptop computer. Very good phone sound quality and good battery life are also pluses. 7-03

    15. Pocket PC Phones (
        Provides a list of pocket PC phone devices, combining phone, Internet, email, and Windows capabilities. 7-03

    16. Reviews of Cell Phones (
        Provides reviews by CNET editors. 1-05

    17. Ring Tones for Cell Phones (
        " Xingtone Ringtone Maker works with both Windows and Mac computers, supports over 120 phones and all major carriers in the US and Canada including Verizon, Cingular, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cellular One, Rogers, and FIDO." 01-06

    18. Samsung Pocket PC Phone (
        Describes the Samsung SGH i700. (Does not work with Verizon.) 7-03

    19. Samsung Pocket PC Phone (
        Describes the Samsung SPH i700. Works with Verizon services. 7-03

    20. Samsung Pocket PC Phone Specifications (
        Describes the Samsung SPH i700. Works with Verizon services. 7-03

    21. USB Connectors (
        Describes types of USB connectors. 11-08

    22. Windows Phone 7 (
        "Next week, Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 products officially launch, and we’ll know whether they have another Zune or another Xbox on their hands." 10-10

    Purchase Resources
    1. Cell Phone Accessories (
        Provides accessories to cell phones, such as speakers, wireless headsets, and more. 2-05

    2. New Cell Phone Services (US News)
        "When it comes to new cellphones, there haven't been any blockbusters announced in recent weeks. Instead, a wave of new and interesting things to do with your current handset has taken center stage. Most involve voice, which seems obvious on a cellphone. But in this case, it's voice recognition—freeing your hands for other things, like the steering wheel." 03-08

    3. PC to Phone Software (
        Provides software, Media Ring Talk, for using your computer as a phone through your Internet connection. 7-03


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