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GPS Navigation

  1. Bottom GPS: Units to Avoid (
      "This list is designed to help you avoid buying a GPS that is either discontinued or uses outdated technology and isn't competitive with the current GPS units." 12-07

  2. Garmin nuvi Comparisons (GPSTracklog)
      "The chart only covers models designed for North American consumers, though it does include units with both North American and European maps -- the x70 models." 12-07

  3. Top 10 GPS (GPSTracklog)
      "Giving us a peak at popular units this holiday shopping season, listed below are the top 10 sport / handheld and top ten auto GPS receivers for November." 12-07

  4. Top GPS (
      "GPSmagazine has reviewed every product listed in the guide, and is the Internetís #1 destination for in-depth, unbiased GPS reviews." 12-07


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